Johnny Weir Is The Egg On ‘The Masked Singer’ & Ninja Is Ice Cream – HollywoodLife

Johnny Weir Is The Egg On ‘The Masked Singer’ & Ninja Is Ice Cream – HollywoodLife 7
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The wildest show on TV has returned. ‘The Masked Singer’ season 2 premiere featured incredible performance and both the Egg and Ice Cream were unmasked at the end of the episode.

Between celebrities beneath the elaborate costumes on The Masked Singer, they have 42 Grammy nods, 140 films, 35 #1 hits, 21 platinum records, and 22 Broadway shows. The first face-off of the night is the Butterfly vs. Egg. The Butterfly says she’s gone through a lot of change in the past year. “After achieving success in many stages of life, I found myself terrified by the one place I used to call home,” she says. That’s when a photo of London is shown. The Butterfly is ready to be “reborn” and take us all to church. She performs ” Bang Bang” and it’s clear she’s a powerful singer. The guesses go down like this: Nicole Scherzinger goes with Cara Delevingne or Diana Ross; Jenny McCarthy guesses Fantasia Barrino or Mel B. The Butterfly’s final clue is that she has “a lot of soul in these wings.”

The Egg admits that this show is a “leap for me.” After years of being on “top of the pyramid,” the Egg is here to join the ranks of the greatest, most versatile entertainers of our time.” The clue video gives us glimpses of design sketches and a skateboard. “If you put in the work and are unapologetically yourself, anything is possible,” the Egg says, before adding that he’s “going for the gold.” The Egg performs a fun rendition of Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance.” The guesses: Jenny chooses Johnny Weir or Adam Rippon; Ken Jeong goes with Jonathan Van Ness; Nicole guesses Christian Siriano. The Egg admits that he’s “always egg-stra and I do enjoy a good sparkle.” The winner of the first face-off is THE BUTTERFLY!

Next up is the Thingamajig vs. Skeleton. The Thingamajig is here because he loves to sing but admits “you may think that’s not my thing.” He adds, “I’m more fashion shoots and dreams.” Sneakers and a candle with 4 on top of it is shown in the clue video, which hints that the Thingamajig may be an athlete. The Thingamajig performs “Easy” by the Commodores and this guy is really good. The guesses: Jenny chooses Steph Curry; Nicole guesses Dennis Rodman. Michael Strahan’s name is also thrown out there.

The Skeleton has been “around the block a few times.” He says the “key to success is always say yes.” However, the Skeleton is tired of “playing second fiddle.” Ken already guesses Steve Martin or Martin Short. The Skeleton performs “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang and “Good Times” by Chic. He’s entertaining but not a trained singer. The guesses: Jenny goes with Jon Cryer or Nathan Lane; Robin Thicke guesses Dana Carvey; Ken thinks the Skeleton is Martin Short. The winner of this face-off is THE THINGAMAJIG.

Season 2 is implementing a smackdown, so the Egg and Skeleton go head-to-head. The judges vote and choose the Skeleton to move forward.

Now it’s time for the Ladybug vs. Rottweiler. The Ladybug has experienced a “lifetime of drama.” Glimpses of a pumpkin, gavel, police car, and more are featured in her clue video. An actress, possibly? She was “born into the limelight” and was involved in a “family feud.” She performs Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero” and it’s a memorable performance. The guesses: Robin thinks the Ladybug is Lily Collins; Jenny chooses Willow Smith; Ken guesses Lindsay Lohan, which the Ladybug denies; Nicole goes with Jamie Lynn Spears. The Ladybug is near tears when she tells the judges that she’s “been through so much in my life.”

The Rottweiler has a major football connection. He shows off a football ring in his clue video. He admits he was bitten by a rottweiler when he was a child. He wants to overcome his fears so that’s why he’s chosen this costume. The Rottweiler performs a sensational rendition of “Maneater.” The guesses: Robin thinks Russell Wilson or Brian Littrell from the Backstreet Boys; Jenny guesses Nick Lachey; Ken goes with JC Chasez; Nicole guesses Bruno Mars. The winner of this face-off is THE ROTTWEILER.

The final face-off is between the Tree and Ice Cream. The Tree “loves getting dolled up” and has spent so long in “exile.” She’s more than an “expert in delicious treats” as well. She performs “High Hopes” by Panic! at the Disco and the judges love her vibe. The guesses: Ken thinks Beverly D’Angelo is the Tree; Nicole guesses Zooey Deschanel or Rachael Ray; Jenny goes with Wendi McLendon-Covey. The Ice Cream says he “caught a lot of flack” when he was growing up for “doing the thing I love most.” He admits, “No one thought I would amount to much.” Now he’s got over a “billion reasons” to be proud. The Ice Cream performs a fun rendition of Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road.” The guesses: Jenny goes with Rob Dyrdek or Diplo; Ken throws out PewDiePie’s name; Robin guesses Calvin Harrs; Nicole chooses Evan Spiegel. The winner of this face-off is THE TREE!

The next smackdown is between the Ladybug and Ice Cream. In the end, the Ladybug wins. That means Ice Cream will be unmasked along with the Egg. Final guesses for the Egg include Johnny Weir, Adam Rippon, Jonathan Van Ness, and Christian Siriano. The judges’ final picks for Ice Cream are PewDiePie, Marshmello, Rob Dyrdek, and deadmau5. Olympic figure skater JOHNNY WEIR is revealed as the Egg. The Ice Cream is Youtuber TYLER “NINJA” BLEVINS.

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