Jordan & Christian Fight Over Nicole — Recap – Hollywood Life

Jordan & Christian Fight Over Nicole — Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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An intense fight breaks out as THREE guys vie for Nicole on the Aug. 13 episode of ‘Bachelor in Paradise.’ Plus, other new connections form on the beach.

The Aug. 13 episode of Bachelor in Paradise begins with Derek and Demi. Everyone is convinced they’re the strongest couple in Paradise, but Demi is admittedly conflicted — she was seeing a girl back home before filming began. She admits to Katie that she still doesn’t know what she wants, but says that spending time with Derek has made her realize she misses what she wants back home. Demi gets emotional while opening up about how she’s felt like she’s had to hide a side of herself, and why that’s been so hard.

Meanwhile, the love triangle between Blake, Hannah and Dylan is still in full force. Everyone, especially Dylan, is shocked that Hannah’s even giving Blake the time of day, since he’s already been linked to so many other women. Dylan pulls Hannah aside and flat-out asks her why she even wants to explore anyone else when they have such a good connection. Finally, Hannah admits that she and Blake were in contact before the show — and that he VISITED her in Alabama one week before filming. She says they had a conversation and kissed during the trip, and Dylan is totally caught off guard.

Tayshia is also upset about this information. She went on a date with Blake earlier this season and thought that she and Hannah would be on the same page about things since they were both hurt by Colton Underwood on The Bachelor. Tayshia reveals her concerns to Hannah and lets her know that she should have shared that she had feelings for Blake from the beginning. Hannah feels attacked, and there’s no closure from the conversation.

The next person to arrive on the beach is Dean — with a mustache! The last time he was on Paradise, he received major backlash for his love triangle with Kristina and Danielle L., so he’s coming in with some apprehension. Meanwhile, Kristina is also one of Blake’s ladies, who he hooked up with on the same weekend as he hooked up with Caelynn before filming. Caelynn overhears Kristina talking about her and Blake and she gets upset, which isn’t great timing…since she’s interested in Dean. He pulls her aside while she’s in tears, and despite the emotion, Dean is interested, too. He asks her on his date, and Caelynn agrees.

Mike also previously went on a date with Caelynn, so he’s pretty hurt, but Cam is the most upset. He gave Caelynn his rose at the first rose ceremony, and he feels very rejected. On the date, Caelynn confronts Dean about his player past. He admits he’s “ashamed” of how he acted the last time he was on the show, and she says she’s intrigued by him. Dean reveals that he’s looking for someone to travel and go on adventures with, and Caelynn sees some similarities between them. They hit it off, and seal the deal by making out in the pool.

Back on the beach, Demi is conflicted over whether or not she wants to open up to Derek about how she’s also interested in women. She thinks that telling him will ruin the relationship they have. Meanwhile, Nicole is in a bit of a love triangle with Clay and Jordan, as she’s gone on dates with both of them. Then, Christian, who was eliminated on night one of Becca Kufrin’s season and feuded with Jordan on Men Tell All, arrives….and he ALSO asks Nicole out.

Things go well on the date, and Nicole and Christian make out on the beach during their time together. Of course, Clay is worried. He only wants to be with Nicole, and is worried about her pursuing other people. Nicole admittedly has feelings for Clay, but likes that Christian is more assertive and passionate. Clay makes sure to pull Nicole aside once she gets back from the date, and she urges him to be more aggressive.

Speaking of aggressive…Christian walks up and interrupts Nicole and Clay’s conversation so he can have more time with her. They argue over who should get this time with Nicole, and she makes it clear that Clay is who she wants to spend time with.

At the cocktail party, Demi finally tells Derek about the woman she’s been casually dating back home. She assures him that she’s still interested in him, though, and Derek lets Demi know that he’s okay with taking things slow so she can sort out her feelings. Demi is super relieved with how well Derek handled things. Meanwhile, things are also going well for Chris and Katie, and they’re clearly invested in each other.

Four guys are at risk of going home, though. Mike realizes that his first date, Caelynn, is now interested in Dean, so he attempts to pursue SydneyJohn Paul Jones is also ready to go after Tayshia, and he recites a poem from Romeo & Juliet to let he know how he feels. She’s smitten, and she lets him know it by leaning in for a kiss.

For Nicole, though, things are more uncertain. Christian pulls her aside first, but Clay knows Nicole wants him to be more aggressive, so he steps in and interrupts their time together. However, he can sense Nicole is uncomfortable, so he decides to walk away for her sake. Jordan is not happy, though, so he takes it upon himself to interrupt and attempt to smash the pinata that Christian prepared.

The confrontation leads to a physical fight between Christian and Jordan, with each one tackling the other to the ground. The episode ends in the midst of the fight, and we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens!

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