Jordyn Woods Cries & Reveals Why She Kissed Tristan Thompson | Hollywoodlife

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Jordyn Woods reveals her side of the cheating scandal with Tristan Thompson. #JordynWoods #TristanThompson #RedTableTalk It’s about to go down!
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  1. Karma is a bitch!!!! Good for Khloe's Alf looking ass. That big bird whore named Khloe is a backstabber!!!!🙄. She was cool with Trina, then went behind Trina's back and fucked, then stole her Man Kenyon the basketball player🤦🏽‍♀️. She dated Tristan when he was in a relationship with his then pregnant son's Mom, who's also named Jordyn. Big foot Khole needs to stop with the bullshit and feel the burn🔥, just like the other ladies whose men she slept with and stole. Trifling whore!!!! 🙄🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. Did anyone here even see the video on TMZ!?! Clearly she leaned in to kiss him tongue out and ever. The girl next to him let him put her titties in his face and Jordan after that is rubbing his tighs. Shes on a couch with the other whoe in between them. She was obviously lie and the fact that everyone is victimizing her is disgusting. I was 21 too and had morals. A good honest person would never allow that to happy. Everyone just wants to hate on the Kardashians. Think about if you're sister ot best friend came up to you and said a close member of our family was caught making out with that loves boyfriend all of you would be furious. Right!?! So why would everyone be so cruel to Khloe bc she's a tv personality? What Tristan did was wrong but what this woman did was worse. As women should be loyal bc men are scumbags

  3. Jordyn Woods is an ugly desperate attention whore slut! I never did think she was cute or never liked her before all this happened!! Anything for attention little ugly ass desperate cunt! She needs to go!!! Seriously

  4. She is a liar khloe's my favorites Kardashian I Love The way she carries herself she is a bad ass bitch needs bitches should be scared of her I can't believe that such a close friend of her family would do something like this

  5. 21 yrs old is a full grown woman. She didn't feel young when she made out with Tristan, now because she has to suffer the consequences of her stupid actions, some people think she's young?? The Kardashian's may not be a perfect family. No one is. But that doesn't mean they don't have the right to react that way. I am pretty sure you guys won't be so kind to the person who betrays a friend or a family member. Both Jordyn and Tristan are at fault let's not be blind to that just because u don't like the Kardashians. I would never ever chose lust over loyalty for my family and friends. Tested it several times. Apparently, Jordyn doesn't have the same values, she's only thinking of herself. There are many fishes in the ocean and all you can find is your friend's bf. Well, with that face options are limited. Don't be so desperate. You wouldnt act that way if you didn't have the hots for Tristan eversince 😣

  6. The K/J family needs to realize that Khole knew who Tristan was, and he wasn’t a good guy, she still decided to deal with having someone like Tristan in her life so now we are mad at JORDYN who came out of nowhere because TRISTAN lemme say it again TRISTAN kisses JORDYN not the other way around yes?

    Now everyone’s throwing word war 9 on Jordyn? I disagree for this divorce to happen. #Kylie&Jordie:(





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