Joycelyn Savage Releases Her Next Chapter And Details Alleged Abuse From R. Kelly

Joycelyn Savage Releases Her Next Chapter And Details Alleged Abuse From R. Kelly 7
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Joycelyn Savage continues to open up about her life with R. Kelly and this time around she is talking about the alleged abuse she received from the singer.

In the second chapter of her story titled, “Do You Love Me Or Want To Hurt Me?” She talked about how R. Kelly started to switch up on her at a point in their relationship and she detailed one incident where she claims he choked her until she blacked out.

She said, “He grabbed me and choked me until I blacked out. I had bruises around my neck, and I was told by him to wear turtle necks or a scarf to cover them up whenever he would take me out in public.”

She continued to detail how the would bring home other girls, some who were allegedly younger than she was. She claims that she was not allowed to speak to any of them. She also said that R. Kelly said she couldn’t do certain things without him or his assistant knowing.

As we previously reported, in her first chapter Joycelyn talked about her introduction to the singer and how he promised to help her with her music career, and that’s how she ended up getting in a relationship with him.

Joycelyn’s parents were a part of the many people that were featured in the docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly,” which premiered on Lifetime earlier this year.

Prior to opening up and telling her truth about their relationship, she spoke out in an interview with Gayle King for CBS News alongside, Azriel Clary, another one of R. Kelly’s girlfriends, and said that her parents had been lying about her relationship with the singer and that she was in love with him.


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