JT Claps Back At Those Who Criticize Her Love Interest

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If it’s one thing we know, it’s that JT gon’ step when it comes to Lil Uzi. Twitter commenters suggested that Uzi was being shady when he tweeted, “Don’t act like I ain’t get you [your] first Birkin.” 

Someone tweeted JT and said, “Uzi wrong for shading you like that.” JT replied, “Why everything he say y’all think towards me is looked at as bad. Lol. How is that shade?”

JT responded to another commenter and said, “Yes you are. Looking into it too much shouldn’t be looking @ all honestly! Nothing shady about having birkin p***y!”

JT didn’t stop there. She went on a mini rant in the Twitter streets and had a lot to say to those who criticized her relationship. She tweeted, “Y’all use to be in the comments calling him adorable y’all just don’t like me or feel he suppose to be with a weirdo or white girl but nah he with me A ghetto b***h getting that rock Star check f*** what y’all gotta say! Honestly”

JT then went on to say, “Yes why y’all think I deserve a n***a that be in shoots outs & why y’all think he p***y? LOL y’all out y’all mf mind!

Welp! Guess she set the record straight. 

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