Judge Denies Motion To Lift Gag Order Off Of Tory Lanez In Megan Thee Stallion Case (Exclusive)

TSR Exclusive: Tory Lanez will have to continue to remain silent when it pertains to all things Megan Thee Stallion after a judge denied his attorney’s motion today to lift the gag order from her client.

The motion was filed late last month when Tory’s attorney asked the judge to modify the terms of the protection order against him so that he can publicly respond to Megan and discuss the case, specifically new evidence that supports his innocence, his team says.

Tory also wants to be able to publicly defend himself about the case. At the time the motion was filed, Megan fired off a series of tweets about him after a false report suggested she dropped the assault charges against him.

Just a day after that public spat on social media, Tory’s rep said the prosecutors in the case provided Tory’s attorney with evidence and eyewitness testimony, which “directly contradict the statements” of Megan. One of those pieces of evidence is gunshot residue.

“In light of (Megan’s) recent tweets and the public attention to this matter, Mr. Peterson asks that this Court modify the protective order as it relates to him, his counsel and/or his representatives,” a rep for Tory said.

However, the judge said he wants to keep the case fair and suggested Tory’s attorney Shawn Holley file a separate motion to lift the gag order from herself so that she can speak to the media on Tory’s behalf.

This was in response to Megan’s attorney being able to speak on the case. In order to keep a level playing field, Holley hopes to be able to do the same.

“We are simply seeking a fair proceeding, which is difficult when Ms. Pete and her lawyer are able to speak about the evidence in the case, yet we are unable to refute their public statements because of the protective order,” Holley said.

She specifically wants to be able to discuss the evidence mentioned that could allegedly prove Tory’s innocence, including gunshot residue “implicating others” but due to the protection order that was filed against him back in November 2020, he cannot publicly discuss the evidence and feels it’s unfair that Megan can say what she wants on social media about him with no recourse from the court.

The protective order in place prevents Tory from having any contact with Megan–including on social media. 

“The inflammatory information transmitted in Megan P’s tweets was quickly picked up by mainstream media publications. Due to the limitations placed on Mr. Peterson and his counsel under the protective order, Mr. Peterson has been unable to respond to Megan P’s inflammatory statements to provide his own clarifying statements,” his rep said.

It’s all outlined in the 26-page motion that was provided to The Shade Room last month. As you know, Tory has pleaded not guilty in a felony assault case in which he’s accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion in July 2020 in the Hollywood Hills.

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