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As Ronnie continues to display bizarre behavior, JWoww takes matters into her own hands and hits up Jen Harley for answers on the Sept. 26 episode of ‘Jersey Shore.’

After Jen Harley DMed Angelina Pivarnick to complain that Ronnie Ortiz-Magro had gone M.I.A. on her during last week’s Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, the rest of the roommates have had ENOUGH. Clearly, there’s something going on between Ronnie and Jen (again), but he’s trying to act like everything’s fine. “I don’t regret telling the girls about what is really going on with Ron,” Angelina admits. “Because now I’m like…alright, it’s out there and out in the open. I’m scared for Ron’s well being and I want to know what’s going on. Let’s fix these kids because he’s not alright.”

Before taking any action, the girls — Angelina, Jenni “JWoww” Farley and Deena Cortese — step aside to get on the same page. Angelina shows JWoww and Deena the messages from Jen, which read: “Ron went to Cabo, went M.I.A., blocked me from everything. He just went completely whack. I don’t know what condition he’s in.” Immediately, this leads the ladies to question if Ronnie is actually being honest about his sobriety. “I try to be there for him, but then with this s*** it’s like…what do I do?” Angelina wonders. “Is it just an act?”

After some contemplation, JWoww decides to take matters into her own hands. “You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to hit Jen up right now,” she tells Angelina and Deena. In a confessional, she further explains, “I don’t like being bullsh***ed and lied to. So if [Ronnie]’s not going to tell me the truth, I’ll find out another way.”

Eventually, Jen responds. “She hasn’t seen him in a week,” JWoww reveals, after reading the message. “He hasn’t come home from the trip [to Cabo] and has been M.I.A. for days. He’s starting huge fights over absolutley nothing. It’s a complete character change.” Now, they’re convinced more than ever that Ronnie isn’t sober anymore, and has just been putting on an act that he is during the cast trip to Vegas.

“For some reason, we have yet to have a vacation without any Ron drama,” Pauly says. “We saw him go to rehab and we’re like, yes…perfect. But now I’m worried. At the asme time, I don’t know if we can believe the words coming out of Jen’s mouth. I don’t know who to believe.” From there, JWoww decides to take things a step even further and invite Jen out to the strip club with the group that night — without telling Ronnie, who has already opted out of attending because he doesn’t think it’s the best “environment” for him.

“Ron has no idea I just talked to Jen, but I’m like…worried about Ron’s well being,” JWoww explains. “So I’m going to find out the truth. I’m like, wait a minute Jen…I really don’t wanting my roommate getting ran over again by you…so what’s the deal? Are you guys good? And she said no. So I said, I need to talk to you. I’m going to see what the deal is. So, Jen’s meeting me. I can’t wait for tonight.”

Unfortunately, we won’t get to see how it all plays out until next week’s episode of Jersey Shore on Oct. 3 at 8:00 p.m. on MTV!

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