Keke Wyatt Says Being A Mother Of 11 Is ‘Actually Not Hard At All’

Keke Wyatt Says Being A Mother Of 11 Is 'Actually Not Hard At All' 7

Keke Wyatt is opening up about being a mother of 11 children — that’s right, 11 children. As The Shade Room previously reported, Wyatt welcomed her youngest child, Ke’Zyah Jean Darring, in May 2022.

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Keke Wyatt Shares How She Gets Her “One-On-One Time” With Each Of Her 11 Children

The 41-year-old R&B singer spoke exclusively with US Weekly for an interview published Friday. During the conversation, Wyatt explained that juggling life and responsibilities as a mother of 11 is “not hard at all.”

Contrary to popular belief, Wyatt has seamlessly curated a schedule for spending valued time with all of her children.

“It actually is not hard at all,” the singer told the outlet. “So if I have to go to the store, I’ll take one with me, and that’s our time. Or if I’m going to the studio to record, I’ll take one, whoever’s asking to go. I just do it like that, and I get my one-on-one time in.”

The Singer Opens Up About Her Youngest Son & His Impact On Her Older Children

During the interview, Wyatt also spoke about caring for her youngest child, Ke’Zyah Jean. As The Shade Room previously reported, the 1-year-old was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Trisomy 13 before his birth.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, the condition affects how one’s “face, brain, and heart develop, along with several other internal organs.”

Wyatt explained that her family is “very grateful” for the toddler and loves him “just the way he is.” Additionally, the singer shared gratitude and praise for her older children’s outlook toward their youngest sibling.

“We are very grateful, and we love him just the way he is. We don’t want him any other way,” Wyatt explained to US Weekly. “It’s so beautiful to sit back and watch how they just love on him. And it’s almost as if there’s nothing different about him to them. I feel very honored that the Lord showed me how to raise children to be those types of people.”

Keke Wyatt Shared Her Present Thoughts On Continuing To Expand Her Family

According to US Weekly, Wyatt shares her four eldest children with her ex-husband, Rahmat Morton, four children with ex-husband Michael Jamar Ford, and her three youngest children with her current husband, Zackariah Darring.

When asked for her thoughts on continuing to expand her family, Wyatt remains open.

“I thought it was complete at 10, and here’s 11. So I don’t know,” the 41-year-old admitted. “I can say yes and then look up, and now we got 12. I don’t know, I’ll just say that.”

As The Shade Room reported, Wyatt echoed similar sentiments when asked the same question on an episode of TV One’s ‘Uncensored’ aired last year. Check out her thoughts below!

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