Kelly Dodd Hits Gina Kirschenheiter On The Head — Recap – HollywoodLife

Kelly Dodd Hits Gina Kirschenheiter On The Head — Recap – HollywoodLife 7
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The ‘Real Housewives of Orange County’ stars’ stay at a wellness retreat in Arizona took another dark turn during the Sept. 24 episode.

After Shannon Beador went to the hospital, during the Sept. 24 episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, Kelly Dodd hit a second cast member — Gina Kirschenheiter — on the head. “Shannon’s at the freakin’ urgent care,” Gina told Kelly, Emily Simpson and Braunwyn Windham-Burke during this week’s episode. “Do I think she’s being overdramatic for the situation? Yes. Do I think you shouldn’t have hit her on the head? Yes.”

As you may recall, Kelly first came under fire during the Sept. 17 episode, when she hit Shannon on the head with a mallet while she was wearing a metal bowl on her head during a wellness exercise. Kelly, however, argued this week that it was a “love tap” and she “knocked some sense into that b****”.

“I barely hit her on the head. Do you want me to hit you on the head? I’ll hit you on the head,” Kelly said before hitting Gina on the head to demonstrate how she clobbered Shannon. But Gina didn’t take the hit lightly. Immediately upon getting tapped on her noggin, Gina jumped out of her chair and started screaming, “Don’t f***ing touch me, Kelly. Now I’m f***ing pissed. Don’t do that. Now I’m f***ing out. Don’t f***ing do that because I already have a court case right now. F***ing bitch.” For those who may not know, Gina was arrested for a DUI in January 2019. She also pleaded guilty in July.

Anyway, after Gina ran into her bedroom, Emily and Braunwyn told Kelly that she needed to apologize to Gina, but she didn’t agree. “[I] barely hit her on the head,” she said.

As for Shannon, she got checked out by a doctor with Tamra Judge after revealing she had a headache and blurry vision. “I can take a joke any day, but there’s a certain line that you cross with jokes,” Shannon said last week. “And getting physical with anyone isn’t funny.” Fortunately, she said she only suffered from a “mild concussion”, but Kelly also didn’t believe that because Shannon started drinking again as soon as she got back to the house, and according to Kelly’s doctor boyfriend, you’re not supposed to drink if you have a concussion.

Lastly, Shannon was asked by the nurse if she wanted to press charges against Kelly, but she refused. Vicki, however, noted that she has up to a year to officially report the “crime”.

Want more drama? New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County air Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo!

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