Khloe Kardashian Banned From Met Gala For This Motive

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Khloe Kardashian was reportedly banned from the Fulfilled Gala. She raves over Jordyn Woods in a cringe-deserving video clip. Additionally – Kylie Jenner claims one thing major is …
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  1. James Charles…who’s that? He’s not even somebody to me. I never heard his name before this video and went to the Met but not Khloe? That Shit ain’t right

  2. That report is bullshit! Anna never created an A-Z list for celebs !that’s just Hollywood fan craved rubbish. I can’t believe people would believe that

  3. Probably isn’t even true ! Khloe is a nice women and well, her family are the people to know when it comes to the met….and that’s her sisters and mother soo

  4. 99% of the comments are complaints about Khloe Kardashian not being invited while James Charles being a C list celebrity got invited to the Met Gala😩

  5. Pampered rich girl who has never done anything truly noteworthy for society.. wears 9 million $ worth of jewelry. While we are all busting our ass, souls and bodies for nothing. We all just smile at our shit government and say "awe ok".

    I'm leaving America soon 😉🥰

  6. Didn’t know any of the K family are celebrities? They are just reality trash, who made tons of money off stupid people who buy and watch their crap. I watched Keeping up 1 time, and it was so brilliant. 2 of the sisters talked about camel toes throughout the entire hour of the biggest waste of my time!!!!! All I see is a pile of plastic black hair largggggggggggge ass hips!
    They actually probably would be nice looking, if they’d leave their faces and bodies alone!





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