Khloe Kardashian Shades Jordyn Woods For Tristan Thompson Hook Up | Hollywoodlife

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Khloe Kardashian & Kylie Jenner shade Tristan Thompson over his alleged hook up with Jordyn Woods. Plus – We know how Travis Scott feels and we also …
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  1. Decisions made with alcohol have a sober basis. You wouldn’t think of doing it drunk if you didn’t even consider it sober.

  2. Tristan has serious pathological issues with using women and betraying the Mother’s of his children. One day his children will hold him accountable. My deductions are that Tristan & Jordyn were lusting after each other, at the very least on that particular night, since earlier where they were partying and drinking before the house party. That is why Tristan was ready to have people give up their phones before Jordyn arrived already drunk. But not ‘black out drunk’. Then THEY were super close and too comfortable with each-other. They had some type of intimacy. As Jordyn explained it: They were drinking, having a good time and she was on the arm rest of where he was sitting, with her legs touching his. ‘But she did nothing wrong’??? She admitted that she put herself in that questionable situation and that she was not honest with Kylie and Khloé the next morning. If Tristan’s move was so repulsive; One would assume that she would want to confide in her Best Friend, ask for advice on how to handle her disgust with his unwelcome advance, and seek advice on how to handle things with Khloé; not just LIE. I have very little sympathy for Khloe. And I don’t agree with her tweet that Jordyn is the reason for her family breakup. However she has explained from the beginning that this betrayal hurt the most because Jordyn was such a close part of the family. Khloé is in denial about her relationship, she should have left him after she caught him 3 separate times on video cheating on her publicly with a total of 4 women. Jordyn is not the reason, she is the final straw. She simply ripped a page out of the Kardashian’s playbook and bit the hand that fed her. Even tho she may have come from money, the Kardashian’s opened the doors to their homes, provided a makeup line deal and modeling opportunities. They practically made her career pop on the scene and lended all of their support. So I don’t see how this boils down to a racial matter. Khloé feels betrayed by someone she considered a little sister. The end.

  3. Tristan likes getting pussy.
    He is young, makes millions, and wants to have fun.

    I can see it.

    The problem is trying to make a ho into a housewife, and man-ho into a husband.

    The whole Kardashian family is so shallow and stupid, she wanted to have a black basketball player boy friend, so bad, that she sold her self out. That's what hoookers do. They whore themselves out.

    Klohie, the mom, the sisters, even gender-pretender Bruce…they all sold their souls for the shitlife they want.

    Out of 4 billion men on the planet, she keeps picking suckers, they all do.

    And we get to laugh at them when they , just, "live".

    I laugh at these clowns every day.

    Look, the shitty feminine vibe in that family ruins all men.
    The dad died from stress, Bruce became a bitch, Rob got fat and lazy, Kanye lost his mind, tyga went into more shit.

    That family is toxic.

    Now all the ho's of the family are multiplying and making the next generation of Thot's.

    That family has no class.

  4. He who is without sin cast the first stone. Tristan found a way to get away from Khloe. Why else would he choose someone so close to the family. He was using Jordan and she bit. Healing takes a while but maybe in time they could talk. They should not loose their friendship over a man like Tristan. Wonder has Jordan done something like this before… TRISTAN HAS.

  5. Is no one else suspicious that she said “everything that happened between tristan and jordyn was caught ON CAMERA for keeping up with the kardashians” lol this is a publicity stunt for the show

  6. So, Khloe hooked up with French Montana while he was with Trina, hooked up with Tristan while he was with someone as well, and STILL has the nerve to trash Jordan for hooking up with Tristan? Who the hell does this desperate hoe think she is? She screws any guy that gives her the slightest bit of attention, then starts making wedding plans expecting to be together forever! She got exactly what she deserves

  7. Sick of seeing 100% of the media coverage on this story focusing on Jordyn! Yeah, she's a fucking asshole! For sure! You don't fucking do that! BUT, HELLO?!?! YOU WILL NEVER CONVINCE ME THAT JORDYN COMITTED A WORSE CRIME THAN TRISTAN DID! No fucking way! Jordyn was single, childless and it's her first offense (that we know of). Tristan was in a committed relationship and chose to cheat on his girlfriend who he has a child with, with a close family friend of his Girlfriend's AND IT'S NOT THE FIRST TIME!!! Why are we focusing so much on Jordyn?

  8. Well they needed something to up their ratings. Always seems to be a scandal BEFORE a new season airs! #smh

  9. Khloë Is An Adult. Why You And Your Stupid Family Has To Pick On Her. Didn't You Hook Up With Tristan When His Ex-Girlfriend Was 6 Months Pregnant. You Were My Fav In The Kasdashians. Now Your Not!!

  10. I like how Khloe keeps saying all this shit subliminally as if Tristan was her man to begin with. That quote describes u honey!!

  11. ????Khloe jeez super snake and super fake everything body inc. Idk my own 2¢ that whole family is wack as fuck. Poor baby & baby momma's don't need that shit period but that's the high Life $$$ = problems regardless. They just need to ghost that family ???? people getting pissed over others personal issues .

  12. Lie detector test have been popular since Shane Dawson why can’t u strap jordyn there ask her a few questions ????

  13. I am 28 and i never everrrr have been drunk enough to not remember . shes a idiot

  14. The whole not knowing excuse would be more believable if she had went and talked to Kylie about it when she woke up and left his place at 7am. Their friendship was crazy intense. If that were true I can't help but think that's what she would have done. Then they could have talked to Khloé. The way she has went about everything makes it seem like she was very aware of what she did. She just didn't plan on it getting out. Now she doesn't wanna deal with the repercussions. Now I do think Ky will eventually forgive her because of the length and intensity of their friendship. But those sisters stick together in the end. It's going to take Khloé forgiving Jordyn for Kylie to be friends with her again. And even then I can't say that it will go back to how it was. Sometimes it's hard to let someone go that's been apart of you for so long but then again the relationship has trust issues that may not be able to work through.

  15. Mama Kris @ work, you going to dish out one thing last week and another thing the next…in Africa, we call it witchcraft, but in Hollywood, it’s just business ????????????pretty sure everyone’s getting a cut

  16. So Jordyn didn't tell her bestie that she was going to this party? And none of the Kardashians were there. Only Tristan…sounds partly planned.


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