Kim Kardashian Meets With Kamala Harris At The White House

Kim Kardashian Meets With Kamala Harris At The White House 7

Kim Kardashian recently sat down with Vice President Kamala Harris to discuss justice reform.

According to the Associated Press, the Ks met at a roundtable on Thursday (April 25) to also discuss the Biden administration’s efforts to extend second chances to convicts.

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The Meeting

AP reports that President Biden granted clemency to 16 people who committed non-violent drug offenses earlier this week. These individuals were given lengthy sentences that were much longer than the time they would have received under present-day laws. Four of those who received clemency were invited to the White House: Jason Hernandez, Beverly Robinson, Jesse Monsley, and Bobby Lowery.

They met with Kim, Kamala, and Steve Benjamin, the Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement. The individuals expressed how they were overcome with emotion when they heard the good news. Additionally, they shared their career goals, which included establishing nonprofits and real estate ventures.

Kim and Kamala’s View On Clemency

The reality star stated she was “honored” to hear their stories and expressed that “it’s so important to amplify them.” 

The VP expressed to the attendees that she believed in “redemption.”

The former prosecutor continued, “…everybody makes mistakes, and for some, that might rise to the level of it being a crime.”

Harris rhetorically asked if society should allow convicts to “earn their way back” and “give them the support and resources they need to do that.”

Kim’s Justice Reform Work

The SKIMS CEO first appeared at the White House during the Trump administration in 2018. Jared Kushner joined Kardashian at the time. They advocated for criminal justice reform, per CNN.

Kim convinced Trump to commute Alice Marie Johnson’s life sentence. She was imprisoned for 20 years for a non-violent drug offense. However, she was released in June 2018. Furthermore, she was granted a full pardon by former President Trump in 2020, per CNN.

Things seem to have become sour between Kimmie and Donnie. He recently referred to her as the “world’s most overrated celebrity,” per The Daily Beast.

Kardashian responded while appearing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ earlier this week, per ABC News. She stated, “…he did amazing stuff with prison reform” and “let a lot of people out,” so she chooses to “focus on” that.

Check out Kim and Kamala’s roundtable meeting below:

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