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Kody Brown Screams At Christine Before She Leaves – Hollywood Life 7

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Christine Brown’s conversation with Kody Brown, Janelle Brown, Meri Brown and Robyn Brown about moving to Utah continued on the Nov. 13 episode of Sister Wives. Robyn questioned whether Christine wanted to continue to have a relationship with those in the family who she’s not as close with, like her and Meri. Christine admitted that, at that point, she still needed “space” once she moved away. “As far as relationships with other adults, Janelle and I are super close, but I’m not that close with the rest of you and for right now I kind of need it that way,” Christine admitted.

Robyn and Meri were understandably upset by Christine’s confession, and in defense of Robyn, Kody exploded on Christine. “She’s treated you like dirt from the beginning!” he screamed, directed toward Robyn. “That’s the relationship you have with her and that’s the reason I’m angry. That’s the reason I’m pissed off.” To Christine, he added, “You never tried to have a really good relationship with the other people and that’s the reason I’m pissed off.”

kody brown
Kody Brown on the Nov. 13 episode of ‘Sister Wives.’ (TLC)

Christine calmly tried to tell Kody that wasn’t true, but at that point, he was on his feet and ranting. “You wanted to renegotiate a relationship with me but you wouldn’t even have a decent one with them,” he said. “Accountability is what I’ve been asking for and here you are running away rather than being accountable. You’re like, ‘I’m divorced. I’m leaving. I’m done with you. You’re out of my house.’ Instead of making the relationship work and trying. If you’re not trying to be your best self in this relationship or family, you’re wasting your time.”

Christine insisted she never “tried” to treat anyone poorly and apologized that it came out that way. At that point, Kody was done with the conversation, though. “Thank you for coming. It was a blessing. And thank you for leaving,” he told Christine. “I’m sitting here trying to find the silver lining and I just hope it’s a blessing.” He then stormed away from the wives and left.

janelle christine brown
Janelle and Christine Brown during Kody’s meltdown. (TLC)

In a confessional, Kody added, “I just feel like for the past 14 years I’ve been sucking it up with her, trying to be a loving husband. Now that she’s leaving, I felt like giving her a piece of my mind. This isn’t my fault. You did this. I don’t care if it’s not fair, that’s how I feel. She did this. She’s going to go around telling the kids that I didn’t love her, but I feel like she needs to realize here with this that SHE wasn’t loving me.”

Once Robyn confirmed once more that Christine didn’t want to have a relationship with the wives she wasn’t close with, she and Meri left. Both women were distraught and cried in each other’s arms before driving away. “As I’ve had issues with Christine over the years, I’ve tried very hard to approach her,” Robyn claimed. “I was met with walls, rejection, just her not wanting to discuss things through.”

However, Christine was still confident that she was making the right decision in leaving Kody and moving away from the family. “I feel like there’s been some things said against me behind my back,” she explained. “Do I want to be friends with someone who complains about me behind my back? Not right now. I think this is one of the saddest conversations I’ve ever been in. I don’t regret leaving at all, though. I stand firm that leaving is 100 percent the right thing to do. I’m sorry I’m leaving a mess behind.”

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