Kourtney Kardashian Disses Kylie Jenner & Her Billionaire Status In New Video

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Kendall Jenner is slammed for the way she washes her face. Kylie Jenner is pissed at Kris. Plus – we have an update on Scott and Sofia’s relationship.
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  1. So when Kourtney is a bitch to her mom, it’s fine- but when it’s Kylie trying to defend her own space in HER company, Kourtney wants to talk about respecting their mother?? She’s pathetic.

  2. It’s a bizarre thing for fans to be giving Kendall backlash just for the way she was washing her face. What have people come to these days lol.

  3. How are people gonna judge a model with almost flawless skin about washing their face ????????‍♀️ people stop hating. Also some people wash their face differently, until you’re a fill time model with that type of skin you have no right to judge lol

  4. Sofia dont be like Cassi dont waste your time cos his children will always come first..Girl stay woke

  5. Um..She needs to run her own business..that includes making Mistakes..that being said everybody understands the normal work/family separation doesn’t exist in her world and the show allows them to monetize it

  6. There are important issues to report ok like Sudan but instead you talk about how the Kardashian’s wash their face????

  7. What does kourtney even do like whats her job status? Her sister have different career or job whatever.

  8. I like kylie and all. But that’s her mother and no matter what you have to tell or show your mum everything. Even when your an adult cause you only have one (or two) mothers in this life. After all kris did give birth to kylie 'billionaire' jenner

  9. people slam kendall just on how she washes her face like dafuck?! it's none of your business

  10. Just let them wash their face in peace who cares there are some days where I take almost an hour and some days where I take like 2 minutes and I’m off to bed ????

  11. I honestly don’t care how anybody washes their face ???? Like whoever said there’s a right way ????????‍♀️ Anyway, it’s not your skin so why be so concerned about it ????????‍♀️

  12. Kourtney is so anyone dont want to understand anyone else point of view and complain when people do the same to her try to be coherant bitch

  13. ????Ohh gosh – Kourtney is just aware of her own awkward boredom, to herself & everyone. No shade – just how I feel.

  14. Oh leave Kendal alone. She washed her face the way she prefers to. Period.
    Gosh. People are just latching onto the others for the most trivial things

  15. Why are you guys making it look like they are the only once worth talking about ???? Likeeee Get over that KarJenner – Thing.Ever talked about global warming ????

  16. I would perfer having these clips from the titles just CLIPS FROM TITLES, not a bunch of small ones I really don't care about, nor did I clicked for that. You don't have to waste our time even more xD

  17. Kourtney and everybody else are so obviously jealous of Kylie. I never hear Kylie bringing up her wealth or billionaire status but yet I always hear Kourney or Kim say something sly about it. How annoying must that be for Kylie.

  18. Kourtney has a point thou. No daughter should act like a boss to her own mother no matter how rich you are.


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