Kylie Jenner Cries After Kim Kardashian Bullied Jordyn Woods – KUWTK Recap

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Kylie Jenner cries after reuniting with Jordyn Woods. Plus, Khloe Kardashian goes off on Jordyn, Tristan, and even her own mother! #KylieJenner …
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  1. Khloe there’s a saying my mother use to say, the way you got the man is the way your going to lose him! U took him from his family so somebody fucked your up 😂😂 that’s wat you get

  2. Get tough and get you’ll self killed. Nipsey never new someone was going to kill him that day. Kardashian’s making threats, really need to stand down. It’s over let ir go before someone get hurt. Jordyn oh she fine, but keep threaten her?

  3. Kloe never have apologize to Triston baby mama, who was pregnant at that time when they started dating… and kloe got twice the karma 😂 😂

  4. Khloe is so disrespectful and they have literally slept with everyone's man. This is laughable there girls are trash Kim and Khloe slept with the rapper the game and Travis been with Kendall and Kylie

  5. Oh Khloe stop you, your sisters and your best friend did the exact same thing to other women …
    YOUR MAN? Honey please thats community dick 💯

  6. Literally no one is afraid of the fucking Kardashians. They think just because they got money and plastic asses everyone has to treat them like they're motherfucking queens. She should be thanking Jordyn instead of bullying her. All she did was, again, expose Tristan's true colors. Sorry bitch, the truth hurts.

  7. You let the man cheat on you and disrespect you in the world has seen how you let him take a vantage of you…. don’t put Jordan in her place because, she’s freaking young and she doesn’t need some woman telling her what to do





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