Kylie Jenner Reacts To Tyga Refusing To Speak On Their Relationship

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Kylie Jenner reacts to Tyga refusing to talk about their relationship in a new interview. Plus – Kendall Jenner seemingly has a new NBA man. #KylieJenner …
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  1. Her 👶🏽…… Her 💰…… mind yours!!

    Kylie and Tyga over!!! Get over it peps.

    Kendal. Well she will get ran through like the rest of her sisters. Something about dark 🥩 Ha.

  2. Its a cute kids car , plus Its Kholes money. Wish people saw working hard doesn’t necessarily mean you will be rich. Plenty of us are not kardashians , or rich , But work very hard and just get an average or below average income.

  3. Well its khloe's money she can buy whatever she wants with it………… If any of us would be in her place we would also buy a ton of expensive stuff

  4. I agree with khloe! She has the right spend her money how she pleases! I think that if these trolls had kardashian type of money than they would be doing the same.

  5. That child in a pink baby bentley just looks so forced. I could see Kim's kids or Kylie's daughter. Even Chyna's, cause their babies are from that world of hip hop and ridiculous excess. But Khloe just looks dumb again. True's dad is a whole square ass NERD, a wannabe. And she's a Good American. Trying to keep up with the (Kim) Kardashians, cause she doesn't think she is one. It's like Kourtney or Kendall doing it. It just doesn't match them, wealthy or not. Yes ppl can do what they do w their chidren and money, no matter how desperate for attention they may seem.

  6. Kardashian: accidentally steps on roach

    HL: Watch today as Kim kardashian devastates the lives of millions of Americans by committing to such terrors.





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