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Move over, ‘Lion King’. Have a seat, ‘Jungle Book’. Disney’s next live-action animation flick is going to the dogs. Take a look at the first trailer for ‘Lady & The Tramp’, premiering exclusively on Disney+ this fall!

What a dog! When Disney announced their new streaming service, Disney+, earlier this year, one of the big projects to debut along with the platform was the studio’s next live-action re-imagination of a timeless, Disney classic: Lady & The Tramp. The 1955 film, which Time Magazine named one of the ’25 All-Time Best Animated Films’ in 2011, follows the love story between a high-class Cocker Spaniel and a mutt off the streets, as they embark on a thrilling adventure — and now, we have the first look at the film from the trailer, which premiered at the D23: Expo.

The 2019 film is taking a twist on the tale, starting with the pups who play the real life canines. Every dog in the production is a rescue pup from across the country, a very special choice by the Disney team to save these incredible animals. Like Monte, the sweet, soulful pup playing ‘Tramp’ in the film. Voiced by Justin Theroux, Monte was rescued from a kill-shelter in New Mexico by Halo Animal Rescue and then transferred to a shelter in Phoenix, where he was adopted by on of the film’s animal trainers, Mark Forbes. Then there is Rose, the beautiful Cocker Spaniel who will play ‘Lady’, with Disney’s newest darling Tessa Thompson providing her voice. The cast is rounded out by heavyweight talents Sam Elliott, Janelle Monae, Benedict Wong, and Ashley Jenson, who will play Jock, the Scottish terrier.

The trailer opens with Lady coming home on a snowy Christmas morning, and her owner asking, “Let me guess, you’re like the center of your people’s universe, right?” as he places her new forest-green collar on her. Lady promptly answers, “Indeed!” The high-pedigree Cocker Spaniel then meets Monte, who has “no leashes or fences” and — as we all remember — a magical adventure ensues! Fans of the original are already excited, commenting “This looks like the best Disney remake so far!!” and “I’m so excited!!!” on Disney’s official Instagram post.

The new take on the animated classic will premiere Nov. 12, the same day as Disney+ becomes available for streaming. The platform is highly anticipated by fans, as many will certainly come for the seemingly endless access to Disney classic films and the entire Marvel library, but stay due to the access of original content such as Lady & The Tramp. Disney is meant to reveal even more first looks at Disney+ projects at the D23:Expo, including a first look at the new High School Music series and the new Star Wars show, The Mandalorian — and also confirmed a re-boot of Hilary Duff’s Lizzie McGuire on Friday, August 23.

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