LeBron James Shows Things Are Getting Real During Self-Quarantine—As He & His Wife Savannah Are Both Having Hair Issues

Roommates, now that we’re all on forced lockdown, that means our regular schedule has been severely interrupted—specifically our grooming habits. LeBron James recently posted a video on social media showing both himself and his wife Savannah, going through the struggle of not being able to get their hair done.

With the entire NBA season suspended for at least 30 days (or possibly longer given how things progress with the coronavirus outbreak) LeBron James and his family are stuck inside their home like everyone else in the country.

Since everyone is supposed to be practicing social distancing to help curb the spread of the virus and hopefully help us get back to our daily lives sooner—one luxury that’s currently put on indefinite hold is hair grooming.

In an Instagram video, LeBron acknowledged how bad his hair and beard are looking these days because he can’t get a haircut from his barber. He then pans the camera to his wife Savannah, who is seen cutting out her own braids because she obviously can’t get her hair done either.

LeBron had this to say in the video:

“I can’t even get a haircut from my barber, want me to stay away from him. I’m looking like Tom Hanks off of ‘Castaway.’ She can’t even go and get her hair done, so she just gone cut ‘em out herself. Lil Whoopi Goldberg over here. The struggle is real in the James household right now.”

We definitely feel your pain.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?

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