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As her steamy romance with Shawn Mendes continues to heat up, Camila Cabello surprised fans by releasing not one – but two new tracks…and fans are convinced that ‘Shameless’ and ‘Liar’ are BOTH about Shawn.

If you thought that Camila Cabello, 22, was going to take a break after she and Shawn Mendes, 21, conquered the charts with “Senorita,” think again. Camila delivered a 1-2 punch to the heart on Sept. 5, as the “Havana” singer released a pair of tracks presumably from her sophomore album. Camila dropped “Shameless,” a synth-pop bop that’s so in fashion right now, as well as “Liar,” which has a more Latin vibe. However, both songs have the same theme of secretly wanting someone for the longest time. Naturally, fans think this was inspired by Shawn, who Camila was friends with for years, but she didn’t get romantically involved with until this summer.

“It’s been a secret for the longest time,” she sings on “Shameless.” “Don’t run, no don’t hide, been running from it for the longest time, so many mornings I woke up confused, in my dreams I do anything I want to you.” The second verse of the track picks up with Camila and her mystery lover officially becoming an item, and she asks,”Now it’s real, now that you have me, do you want me still?” In the bridge, she sings about wanting to “give in” to the “distance” and “tension” between herself and the song’s subject.

Meanwhile, on “Liar,” she sings about promising herself not to “lose control” around someone or get “too close” to them, but not being able to resist. “Oh there you go, making me a liar,” she says. “I kind of like it, though.” In the second verse, the revisits the idea of desperately pining for someone by adding, “You’re watching, I feel it, I know I shouldn’t stay, I picture your hands on me, I wanna let it happen, but what if you kiss me, and what if I like it.”

Less than a week before “Liar” and “Shameless” were released, she posted “What Do I Know About Love,” a video monologue in which she waxes on the subject. “What do I know about love? Nothing. Where does the love go when it runs out?” she said at the start of the video. “I know when you fall in love, you feel like you’re the first and only two people in the world. Every kiss, every touch, every caress is like something you feel nobody has ever felt before. And you think, has everybody that’s ever fallen in love before just walked around this nonchalantly the whole time?”

Camila was speaking from the heart there, as she and Shawn have gone on a PDA world tour. From making out in Miami from sneaking a kiss in Montreal to holding hands at the MTV Video Music Awards, these two have been affectionate at all four corners of the globe. Despite all these steamy moments, Shawn and Camila have yet to confirm their romance publicly. Though, he might have low-key confirmed it by admitting that he’s in a “relationship.”

This isn’t the first time that Camila has released two songs in tandem. She did the same in 2017 when she released “Havana” and “OMG.” The first song, “Havana,” became a monster, inescapable, worldwide hit that topped the charts in numerous countries. “Havana” also earned Camila multiple American Music Awards, two MTV Europe Awards, a Teen Choice Award, and a Grammy nomination. On the other hand, “OMG” peaked at #81 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart…and that was it. Will “Liar” cut ahead of “Shameless,” or will “Shameless” overshadow its sister single? Only time will tell.

Time will also tell if Camila’s second album is called Romance or not. Many fans think her next album will be titled that after seeing the steam-punk inspired video she shared on Sept. 1. In the clip, a robotic looking Camila unlocks her chest to reveal a mechanical heart. “Welcome to the world of Romance,” it reads at the end.

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