Listen To His NBA Youngboy Diss Track – Hollywood Life

Listen To His NBA Youngboy Diss Track – Hollywood Life 7

A 2019 feud between JayDaYoungan and NBA Youngboy is at the forefront once again following the release of Jay’s scathing new diss track, ’38k.’

JayDaYoungan’s new song, “38k,” is a direct diss track about his nemesis, NBA Youngboy. The title of the song alone is a reference to Youngboy, who released an album called 38 Baby in 2016. In the first verse, Jay raps, “Gonna get real disrespectful, I don’t give a f***,” and claims he “f***ed” one of Youngboy’s exes. The lyrics are extremely vulgar, so you’ll just have to listen to the track above to hear how brutal it gets!

Drama between Jay and Youngboy dates back to 2019. It all started when Jay asked Youngboy to collaborate on a song, and then Jay previewed part of the track online. Youngboy rejected the collaboration, and went off on Jay after he shared the preview. “Delete this s*** ion know how tf you got my song ion f*** around like that,” Youngboy commented on Jay’s post with the song snippet.

It wasn’t until three weeks later that Jay responded. “I don’t give a f*** about that song, f*** that song,” he said. “If a n***a don’t f*** with me, I don’t f*** with a n****.” His response came at an interesting time, as he interestingly stayed quiet until after NBA Youngboy started a 90 day jail sentence for violating his probation from a 2017 arrest.

Now that Jay has released “38k,” it seems like this feud has been reignited in a big way. Fans went crazy on Twitter about the song, and are already begging Youngboy to respond. At this point, the rapper has not issued a statement or response about the song, but considering we’re all bored in quarantine right now, he certainly has a lot of time to come up with something to say!

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