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Don’t be sad, Stephen Puth. In his new song, the next big name in music pleads for his love to come back so he doesn’t have to spend another night ‘Crying My Eyes Out.’

Isn’t it unfair when one family gets all the talent? Following the success of his songs “Half Gone” and “Look Away,” Stephen Puth pulled off the hat-trick on Nov. 22 with the release of his new bop, “Crying My Eyes Out.” With a hypnotic groove and equally enchanting vocals, Stephen vows to do whatever he can to avoid facing another tear-stained night alone. While promising to do his scorned lover right (“I should have put you first / Now I know you deserve / everything in this world”) he also comes to terms with his emotions (“They say boys should not cry / but since you’ve said good-bye / my pillow ain’t been dry”) in a way that has you rooting for him at the end. Heartache rarely sounded so good, and “Crying My Eyes Out” reaffirms Stephen as your next big pop crush in 2020.

Though he shares a last name with brother Charlie Puth, Stephen has spent 2019 carving out his own path in the music world. He released his debut single, “Sexual Vibe,” in 2018, and he quickly showed that the ability to create catchy, smooth jams runs in the family. “The song is pretty much about going out and meeting somebody, wherever, whether it be a bar or club, on the street, anywhere, and that one instant small connection where as soon as you meet them your ears kind of perk up, and it’s like, ‘who’s this?’ ” he told HollywoodLife. “I think it’s really finite to focus on that because it’s such a weird moment that everybody goes through, but no one really talks about – that first initial moment. That’s what the song tries to capture.”

Clearly, it did. His first song has since amassed over 12 million streams, and it earned him a place on Spotify’s “Pop Rising” soundtrack. He was even dubbed “one to watch” in Variety’s 2019 Young Hollywood Report. In the face of all this success, Stephen has managed to stay humble when it comes to his music. “Most people’s lives consist of waking up, commuting, being at work, commuting, going to the gym, eating dinner, and falling asleep,” said Stephen. “In between, there’s music. I hope my songs give people whatever they need to get through their day.”

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While Stephen is making his own way, he still has plenty of love for his fam. “Look Away” was written and co-produced with his brother. “[That] song means a lot to me, not only because it’s real, but it’s also the first song I’ve ever written with Charlie,” he told OnesToWatch. “It’s hard to open up about emotion and make a great song out of it. Charlie’s musicality and ability to craft a great song made me a better songwriter, and pushed us both to make a meaningful story out of a small moment.”

The future is looking bright for Stephen. Classically trained in piano and self-taught on the guitar, he decided to become a songwriter-for-hire, and his talents were put to good use for acts like The Vamps, Pretty Much, Daniel Skye, Jack & Jack, and Stanaj. After writing music for others, Stephen decided to step into the spotlight and become an artist on his own. The results are so good, they’ll bring a tear to your eye.

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