‘Love Is Blind’ S5’s Aaliyah On New Bae And Uche & Lydia Drama

'Love Is Blind' S5's Aaliyah On New Bae And Uche & Lydia Drama 7

“Love Is Blind” season five participant Aaliyah Cosby did not find love on the Netflix series, but her dating life is thriving outside of it!

Fans of the Athletically Declined Sports podcast recently caught a glimpse of Aaliyah’s new boo when they shared a kiss during a virtual interview. Aaliyah revealed that she met him — whose name she withheld — a few months after wrapping the “madness” with “Love Is Blind” in spring 2022.

“The way this man just poured into me and loved me. He didn’t care. He never judged anything I told him,” she shared of her current boyfriend. “I’m in such a good place with who I’m with because I know it’s real. I know it’s genuine. It’s the treatment I deserved all along,” Aaliyah told the podcast host LIB contestant Robert Martinez.

Check out a sneak peek at her bae below. 

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Aaliyah Cosby Claims Uche Okoroha Told Her She Wasn’t His “Ideal Type”

In a separate interview with “Love Is Blind” S1 alum, Cameron Hamilton, Aaliyah spoke about dating Uche Okoroha post-show and why things ended.

You’ll recall that Aaliyah and Uche dated in the pods during filming. However, their connection began to crumble after Aaliyah discovered Uche and contestant Lydia Velez Gonzalez dated outside the series. To add, before then, Uche had expressed discontent with Aaliyah’s past of infidelity.

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Cosby ultimately left the pods after an alleged off-camera exchange with Lydia. Fans of the series saw a tense phone conversation between Uche and Cosby, given that she left without warning him. Following the pods, they met to discuss her decision to leave the experiment. The tone of that reunion indicated the end of their romance.

However, Aaliyah, like Uche, has confirmed they dated for about a month after the pods. She clarified that she ended things, citing his alleged lack of attraction as one realization that their relationship wouldn’t work.

“I did try to ask him, ‘What is it? I thought we had this connection. What is it? I’m gonna be honest. I think he wasn’t truly attracted to me as well. He mentioned that I wasn’t his type, his ideal type, and that was kind of hurtful, too. I didn’t care how he looked.”

Additionally, Aaliyah alleged that several S5 cast members mentioned him having a group chat in which he discussed her. But she says she never saw it.

“I dunno, I’ve never seen it, but multiple people telling me, ‘Aaliyah, this is what he said and you deserve more. You’re a great person, you’re real. You shouldn’t have to chase after someone,” Aaliyah said on the Hanging With the Hamiltons podcast.

Aaliyah Cosby Reveals She & Lydia Had A Post-Series Conversation

During her conversation with Hamilton on his podcast, Cosby revealed she’s not friends with Lydia. However, the LIB alums got a chance to speak post-series about the Uche drama.

Despite Uche saying his romance with Lydia lasted about three months, Aaliyah says it was an “on-and-off thing for two years.” The LIB star said another woman from the S5 cast arranged a situation for Cosby and Lydia to speak.

“She did reveal some things to me. I’m not sure I want to share it because that was more her experience and I feel like there were some pretty private things there so I feel like I’m going to allow her to tell that, if she wants to. Hopefully, she will cause I think the truth will set everyone free in the situation. I’ve had talks with both and to me it seems there’s truth to both stories and then there’s the truth in the middle there somewhere,” Cosby said.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Cosby added that she’s wishing Uche and Lydia the best and believes they do the same for her.

“I feel like we just have a mutual respect that we both have conversations with each other where, you know, it was like, ‘OK, we need to be open and honest about everything.’ And I feel that that moment was reached with us on both sides with Uche and Lydia, and so I do respect them both. I wish them the best, and I want them both to be happy. And I believe that they want that for me as well.”

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