Luke Islam Gets Golden Buzzer On ‘AGT’ — Season 14 Episode 6 Recap – Hollywood Life

Luke Islam Gets Golden Buzzer On ‘AGT’ — Season 14 Episode 6 Recap – Hollywood Life 7
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The ‘AGT’ season 14 auditions are coming to an end and there’s one more Golden Buzzer yet. The last audition of the night introduces us to one of the best singers the show has seen all season.

The final round of AGT auditions for season 14 kicks off with a Japanese tambourine artist from Tokyo named Gonzo. His act is all about the tambourine. The performance is hilarious, wild, and a good time. No one has been this passionate about the tambourine — ever. Even though it’s not the best act we’ve ever seen, Gonzo makes it through to the judge cuts.

Detention officer Olivia Calderon is following her dreams of becoming a singer. She performs a beautiful rendition of “Mi Manera.” Simon Cowell asks Olivia why she hasn’t pursued singing until now. She admits she put her dreams on hold to take care of her dad. Simon is impressed with Olivia vocals and gives her a yes, followed by the other judges.

Acrobatic duo MainTenanT, who are married and have kids, hits the stage next for one of the hottest acrobatic performances ever. They have so much chemistry and so much talent as they perform to Bishop Briggs’s version of “Never Tear Us Apart.”  Julianne Hough is blown away. “You guys are by far the best acrobatic act that I’ve seen,” she says. Simon notes that it was “like perfection.” AGT is all about acrobatic duos so MainTenanT is moving forward!

Female Malambo group Revolution has come all the way from Argentina to achieve their dreams. They are ready to showcase their talents on one of the biggest stages. Their performance is the definition of fierce and unlike anything we’ve seen before on the show. Gabrielle Union raves that the group has “so much energy and so much passion and so much pride.” She admits she was moved to tears. The judges want to see more from this talented female group so they’re headed to the next round.

Mysterion and Steffi Kay of The Sentimentalists are up next and decided to blow us all away with their mind-reading skills. They incorporate the judges and the audience during their performance. While the act was good, it wasn’t great. Howie Mandel is upfront and says he wasn’t the biggest fan and Simon agrees with him. Mysterion refuses to give up. He tries another one of his tricks on Simon and it’s pretty cool. Simon knew that if he said something critical, they would come back with something better. That’s exactly what happened!

The last audition of the night is Luke Islam. The 12-year-old performs a stunning rendition of Sara Bareilles’s “She Used To Be Mine” from Waitress. He dreams of making it to Broadway and tells Julianne that he looks up to her and her brother, Derek Hough. When he’s finished, everyone gives him a standing ovation and he begins to cry. “You killed it!” Gabrielle says. “You have something so special,” Julianne tells Luke as he cries. Julianne knows that he’s going to be a star so she gives Luke her Golden Buzzer! This recap is developing…

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