Maci Thinks Ryan Edwards Is ‘Not Sober’ — Recap – Hollywood Life

Maci Thinks Ryan Edwards Is ‘Not Sober’ — Recap – Hollywood Life 7

After witnessing Ryan’s behavior at Bentley’s birthday party during the April 14 episode of ‘Teen Mom OG’, Maci told a friend that he appeared ‘100% not sober’.

To Maci Bookout‘s surprise, Ryan Edwards showed up to son Bentley‘s birthday party at the zoo, but his behavior during the April 14 episode of Teen Mom OG still worried her. They didn’t talk to each other due to her ongoing restraining order against him, but Ryan was pretty late to the party, and in her opinion, he didn’t look great. After the party, Maci told a friend that she’s seen Ryan look better, and it was actually the first time since he left prison that he appeared “100% not sober” to her. So while she didn’t have any proof that Ryan’s potentially using drugs again, he did appear to nod off a bit on his way to the party. And like she said — he didn’t look great. Plus, he recently lashed out at his parents, so his behavior all around has raised some red flags with pretty much everyone in his life.

Meanwhile, Amber Portwood accepted a plea deal in order to avoid returning to prison, but that doesn’t mean she won’t go there in the future. As part of Amber’s plea deal, she’ll have to remain on probation for two and a half years, and if she violates any of her stipulations, she’ll end up going to prison for five years. It seems easy enough, but Amber is worried she’ll violate her probation. Especially because Andrew Glennon keeps smearing her name in the press, and she’s not allowed to say anything or share her side of the story. We suppose those anger management classes will come in handy after all.

Later, Cheyenne Floyd dealt with the aftermath of her fight with Matt. And since she was preparing for a trip to Thailand, their argument — over asparagus — made her question the longevity of their relationship. They were supposed to go together, but because he argued with her in front of her friends and family, she thought it’d be “awkward” to go on vacation together. And she wanted the time to reevaluate their romance. She told Matt that they needed time apart, and he respected that. But he also made sure that she knew he loves her. Will it be enough? Only time will tell.

In other Teen Mom OG news,  Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra decided to let their friend Ashley move in with them until she’s off probation, and Mackenzie McKee got a job offer at a cheer gym.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom OG air Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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