Marlena Stell Breaks Silence On James Charles & Jaclyn Hill Drama

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Marlena Stell releases a video discussing her feud with James Charles and sounds off on the Jaclyn Hill lip stick drama. #MarlenaStell #JaclynHill …
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  1. I am so not sitting here for an hour and a half out of my life, that girl needs to edit that mess. If this is the Cliffs Notes version? YAY!

  2. The YouTube beauty community has changed soooo much. I don’t like everyone posting these “my truth” videos throwing people under, over, and in front of the f***ing bus. I don’t agree with Marlena posting this video. I don’t agree with James Charles. And I think that everyone is always after JH no matter what she does.

  3. Ali is getting.. HUGE. Hollywood Life should hire someone else. Sorry but she seems extremely fake and her voice is super annoying.. ????

  4. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO THE MAKEUP COMMUNITY ???? Like back then things where different BUT NOW it’s all about drama and personal problems and fame and everything but why can’t it be JUST makeup ????

  5. Idk why people talking shit about James Charles when in her video she talked about everyone. And her fatass need to get over her feelings she too damn grown for that

  6. Omg ya'll need to fix your brains always trying to end James Charles . If you don't like his videos don't watch them, but ya'll always have to try to ruin him and get all that mob mentality. James has not killed anyone or put ya'll in physical pain . Just leave the kid
    a l o n e , is that such a complex matter and Jaclyn too Im not a fan of hers but leave her and the contaminated lipsticks in the trash.

  7. Lmao James Charles needs to stfu I'm sick of him thinking everything is about his life he always thinks he's the center of attention ????

  8. I just got this reply saying I was cuntworthy ok sister. If you come st me come publicly don't hide sister sister
    Monica Vezeau replied: "Not really.. hes been around since he was 13. (Just found out). Have you been a beauty critic for many years to have this opinion. No. Are you eligible to influence people to this? Also no. Will …" 5 hours ago

  9. Hes 19. Christ, leave him alone! Jk but seriously I dont follow to kid, but im sure if you rewind 10 years on these "woman", youd find them tea bagging themselves. ✋????✋????✋???? bring us all up not down. ????????

    Take note. More successful than you. ????????‍♀️#respect ????????

  10. Love you Ali! Your personality is the star of this channel????????????????

    Though I have to say I've watched the full video, all 1.5 hours and the report your team put together is slightly disorganized and confusing????
    If I had not watched the original I would not have understoof the situation as she described it at all.

  11. James was literally a baby when Marlena started YouTube she was an OG……what does a 19 year know about the beauty industry?….The amount of entitlement and arrogance is one of the reasons why I stop watching him…..and then disrespecting her by calling her “that woman” I can’t ????????‍♀️????????‍♀️????????‍♀️

  12. Is it just me or is James at the center of all things messy? Oh dear, what’s the deal James? Hate the competition much? A messy bunch, rich people problems.

  13. Why does he think he is so entitled. He makes me sick honestly, such a narcissistic ass

  14. Marlins Didndt say jaclyn used that company years ago! She said she saw her there and doesnt know for sure if jaclyn went through with them or not! She said she she reached out to jaclyn and warned her that they had messed up her concealers…yall get it right
    This is why I unsubscribed

  15. James takes one step forward and 12 back. Ugh this kid needs to stop thinking he's the fucking King of the Beauty world.


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