Marlo & Kenya Fight On Blue Ridge Trip – Recap – Hollywood Life

Marlo & Kenya Fight On Blue Ridge Trip – Recap – Hollywood Life 7

Marlo & Kenya Fight On Blue Ridge Trip – Recap – Hollywood Life 8

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Following Sheree Whitfield‘s wild sleepover, the ladies reunited for a getaway in the mountains during the July 17 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Marlo Hampton planned the entire excursion to recover from stress at home, and she sent fancy cars for everyone to ride in. The only problem arose when she sent Kandi Burruss and Drew Sidora food from OLG to feast on, and the driver informed them that they couldn’t eat in the car. So after taking a break inside to chow down on the delicious food, Kandi and Drew made their way to Blue Ridge, Georgia — about a 90 minute ride from Atlanta.

In the other car was Marlo and Sheree. Sanya Richards-Ross had a work obligation in Miami, so she joined them later that night. But Kenya Moore didn’t have any sort of work obligation. She just didn’t want to attend because she and Marlo have been butting heads at every event they’ve attended together. At least that’s what she wanted people to think — Kandi and Kenya share the same glam team, so Kandi found out that Kenya was planning on attending after all… she just didn’t want to drive down with the other ladies. She also didn’t want to stay in the same house. But we’ll get to that later.

After the initial group arrived at the house, which was much larger than the cabin they all thought they’d be staying in, everyone picked their rooms and feasted on some snacks. Then, Marlo gave everyone a 15 minute window to get ready for dinner. And once everyone got back together, Kenya showed up. Marlo didn’t love that Kandi knew Kenya was coming, and kept it a secret, but she wasn’t about to let Kenya’s surprise entrance ruin her trip. So she greeted Kenya with open arms, but Kenya definitely wasn’t receptive. Kenya told everyone she’d be staying at a separate house with her daughter, Brooklyn. Marlo said Brooklyn was more than welcome to stay at the house with the ladies, but Kenya refused. She said she didn’t love the fact that Marlo always accuses her of being a liar — she’s done it in the past, and she did it again recently when she said Kenya faked an illness to skip a recent get together at her house. So Kenya wasn’t going to give Marlo the pleasure of having her stay in the house she picked for everyone.

In the midst of their arguing, Sanya also made her entrance. And soon after her arrival, she invited the ladies to join her in Jamaica for a future work event. She also told them they could bring their husbands, so that should be fun. But then again, this trip is already hitting a sour note due to the friction between Marlo and Kenya, so we’ll see what happens as time goes on.

Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta air Sundays at 8pm on Bravo.

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