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The America’s Got Talent season 17 finale kicks off with pole dancer Kristy Sellars. She honors her daughter in her emotional performance, which she only had a week to put together. Her performance gets a standing ovation from the judges and sets the night off right.

The judges and host Terry Crews on night one of the finale. (NBC)

“That was… wow,” a stunned Howie Mandel says. He calls this finale the “most high-powered” one yet and thinks Kristy is the “one to beat.” Simon Cowell echoes Howie’s rave review and says Kristy is “astonishing” and “amazing.”

Mike E. Winfield Brings The Laughs

Magician Nicholas Ribs is up next. Similar to Kristy, Nicholas pays tribute to his daughter with his performance. “The real magic is family,” an emotional Nicholas says at the end. Heidi Klum is so intrigued by Nicholas because she feels like he’s created a “different kind of magic.” Simon feels a “little let down” by this performance, but Howie wholeheartedly disagrees.

Chapel Hart performs another original song called “American Pride.” The ladies are overwhelmed with emotion when they sing. Simon tells Chapel Hart that the chorus was “beautiful.” He admits the vocals “were a bit off,” but he doesn’t think it matters. “I’m really happy you did what you did,” he says. However, Howie thinks their first 2 performances were better.

Mike E. Winfield
Mike E. Winfield’s standup routine was a winning moment. (NBC)

Mike E. Winfield is hoping to be the first comedian to win AGT. He comes out very strong and has the whole room cracking up. “You just did IT,” Simon raves. Howie knows this is just the beginning for Mike, and he definitely wants to work with him in the future.

Mayyas Is Called A $1 Million Act

Metaphysic takes a big swing and brings back an American icon for their finale performance: Elvis Presley! They also incorporated Simon, Heidi, and Sofia Vergara into the performance as well. Heidi calls Metaphysic her “absolute favorite act so far of the night.” Simon thinks Metaphysic is the most “incredible, original act we’ve ever had.” He’s not worried. Metaphysic will have a show in Vegas.

The Mayyas bring their A-game once again with their finale performance. The visuals are absolutely stunning. There’s not one single misstep. The dance troupe earns a standing ovation. Sofia, who gave Mayyas her Golden Buzzer, is nearly speechless but does manage to say they were “spectacular.” Heidi puts her feelings plainly, “This is what a $1 million act looks like.”

Mayyas during their finale performance. (NBC)

Simon adds that the performance was “astonishing” and thinks Mayyas are going to be a global sensation. “I don’t think you can top that,” he says. Howie calls Mayyas his “favorite act ever on AGT.”

Avery Dixon, Terry Crews’ Golden Buzzer, jams out on the saxophone to “Ain’t Nobody” by Chaka Khan and Rufus. Simon tells Avery this was a “brilliant song choice,” and he “really nailed it.” Ventriloquist and singer Celia Munoz takes things to a new level with her latest performance. The judges have all good things to say about Celia’s act, with Heidi calling her a “rare talent.”

Sara James Covers That Stranger Things Hit

Sara James takes a major risk by doing a cover of “Running Up That Hill” by Kate Bush. She puts her own spin on the song, and she knocks it out of the park. Simon, who give Sara his Golden Buzzer, tells her that she nailed “one of the most iconic songs in the world.” Heidi thinks Sara is one of AGT’s “greatest discoveries this season.”

Avery Dixon
Avery Dixon playing the saxophone. (NBC)

Magician Yu Hojin wows once again with his latest performance. Sofia doesn’t think Yu is just a magician. To her, Yu seems “magical.” Simon tells Yu that he’s a “brilliant showman” and says he’s gotten “better and better.”

The final performance of the night comes from Drake Milligan. He performs “Sounds Like Something I’d Do” again! He knows what works! Drake receives a standing ovation from the judges. Simon truly believes that this is the “start” of Drake’s career. Sofia admits she wants a ticket to his concert. “You are the one to beat!” Heidi raves!

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