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Melissa Gorga Cheating Rumor Surfaces During Ireland Trip – Hollywood Life 7

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This week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey marked the beginning of the cast’s highly-anticipated Ireland trip. But before the ladies flew overseas, Melissa Gorga hosted a Boujie Kidz pop-up for Danielle Cabral, who revealed how blindsided she felt by Rachel Fuda‘s “rat” behavior. Danielle said she didn’t love that what she told Rachel was later shared with the group, so Melissa worried that there would be a lot of drama once everyone reunited in Ireland. But what she’d soon learn was that it wasn’t the drama between Danielle and Rachel she should’ve been worried about.

While Teresa was at home packing her bags and chatting with Luis Ruelas, he said it’s “absolutely impossible to communicate” with Joe Gorga without him exhibiting “theatrical anger”. Luis told Teresa it’s “very unhealthy” and he’s “drained” because of it. In her private confessional, Teresa said she felt bad for Luis because he’s done nothing to hurt Joe and Melissa, but yet, he’s “taken a hard beating” and lost money in his attempts to facilitate relationships with them. Then, when her chat with Luis continued, Teresa said she hasn’t heard from Melissa and Joe since their blowout fight at Rachel’s brunch down the shore, but she told herself she’d go into the Ireland trip with “good spirits” and “good vibes”, and Luis told her not to lose her “power” over their “nonsense”.

Once they crossed the pond, and Teresa’s bachelorette party started, Jennifer Aydin was asked about the secrets Margaret Josephs‘ ex-friend revealed to her. Jennifer said she was told things she “wouldn’t even repeat”, but later, when she and Danielle were alone in a room together, she finally revealed what she was told. After Danielle guessed that the information must be about Melissa, Jennifer said revealed what she knew. Apparently, someone who works with Margaret once saw Melissa in the backseat with a guy. Jennifer further told Danielle that “the person who claims he witnessed it, told Margaret that they were making out. [Melissa] was making out with another guy” behind Joe’s back. Jennifer claimed that Margaret shared the information with her ex-friend, who has now shared the information with both Teresa and Jennifer.

Jennifer said Margaret’s ex-friend “did not want to tell” them the information since it “would destroy Melissa”, but those words intrigued Teresa so much that she begged to be told the information. And right away, after learning Melissa allegedly cheated on Joe, Teresa said she “believed it”. Then, according to Jennifer, Teresa said she was “really pissed off at Melissa”. Teresa allegedly said, “That makes me sick”.

After Jennifer and Danielle’s private conversation, the ladies went on a bar crawl, where more drama ensued, when Jenn Fessler asked Teresa why she asked Dolores Catania and Jennifer Aydin to be a part of her bridal party. Teresa said they’ve always been big supporters of Luis and her, so it felt right. But Teresa also said she was nervous to ask them because she didn’t want to cause more problems with her brother since Melissa wasn’t a bridesmaid.

Melissa didn’t understand why Teresa thought Joe would make a big deal out of it, but Teresa said he made a big deal about Melissa’s mom not being invited to the wedding, so it wasn’t far-fetched to think he’d throw a tantrum over that, too. Then, there was talk about Teresa saying she had a bad history with Melissa’s mom, and that’s why she wasn’t invited, so Melissa wondered why she was invited if they, too, had a bad history with each other “back in the day”. And that’s when Jennifer Aydin jumped in to tell Melissa she was only invited to the wedding “through obligation”.

Once everyone told Jennifer to butt out of the conversation, Teresa tried saying that she’s the best sister in the world and Joe is constantly throwing her under the bus. Melissa said she didn’t want to talk about negative things, so Teresa blamed Jenn Fessler for causing the drama at the table. Melissa then said Teresa takes “zero accountability” for anything she does. “It’s never Teresa’s fault” — she’s “delusional”.

Want more drama? New episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey air Tuesdays at 9pm on Bravo.

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