Mesh Shoes Are Winter’s Biggest Shoe Trend

Mesh Shoes Are Winter's Biggest Shoe Trend 7
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Shoe styles tend to come and go like the wind, so much so that it really is rather difficult to keep up. If staying ahead of the trends isn’t your job like it is mine, then no one expects you to know anything about anything until we tell you. Today, we want you to think back to last summer when the naked shoe dominated the footwear scene and Barbie feet became the hottest Instagram sensation since selfies. The early 2018 naked shoe was PVC-focused. Then, it transformed into the barely there strappy sandal, and now, the 2019 naked shoe is all about mesh. 

Mesh shoes have officially dominated the market, coming in variations ranging from fine- to larger-netted styles. The now-iconic Bottega Venetta pumps might instantly come to mind, but there are dozens of other designers churning out versions that are chic as well. We love this iteration of the naked shoe for multiple reasons, one being that unlike in years past, you can actually wear this one during the winter. Since a majority of the mesh shoes right now are pumps or mules, this means you can style them with tights, socks, or on their own should the weather allow. The idea of a barely there shoe is still present via the sheer mesh, but this season’s read more elevated, approachable, and, honestly, a tad more mature. 

Ahead, see a quick look back at the most popular naked shoes over the past few years, and then shop the mesh winter shoe trend we’re backing this season. 

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