Model’s Nasty Story Shows Why You Probably Shouldn’t Get Your Eyeball Tattooed

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The last place you’d probably want a tattoo is on your eyeball, but there are actually a number of people who love how it looks and get it done on their own eyes.

As you’re probably assuming right now, the procedure comes with a lot of risks, especially when the person performing it doesn’t know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, that’s what 24-year-old Canadian model Catt Gallinger learned the hard way when she got a scleral tattoo, which colors the white part of the eye with ink.

A day after the Ottawa, Ontario resident got injected with purple ink, her eye was completely swollen shut.

Her eye had an infection and was leaking ink. She’s saying that “undiluted ink, over injection, and not enough/smaller injections [sites]” caused it.

Botched scleral tattoos can cause infections, blurred vision, and even blindness — something doctors have told Gallinger may happen to her.

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