Neil Degrasse Tyson Reacts To Bill Nye F Bomb Rant Going Viral & Logic's Music

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Neil Degrasse Tyson reacts to Bill Nye’s Planet On Fire & F Bomb rant on John Oliver’s show. Neil talks on working with Logic for his latest album. Plus, Neil …
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  1. I used to respect Bill Nye… Can't stand him nowadays. And I definitely admire Tyson a lot less too for defending Bill. Although, on the other hand, I give him credit for being a good friend.

  2. Comment summary:
    Both are celebrities, so they can't be true science advocates, & tired old climate denial arguments (can they at least come up with a new talking point??)

  3. Not sure if I should like or dislike. Are they making fun if him because he was ranting while saying rants are stupid, or are they posting this because they actually think this garbage helps gain support for Bill's [idiotic] video?

  4. He was a PBS children's science show host. He's essentially a Mr. Rogers. Neil Degrasse Tyson stated the sea level will be at the elbow of the statue of liberty. Complete nonsense.



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