NeNe Leakes Disses Kenya Moore As A ‘Bully’ In Fight — Recap – Hollywood Life

NeNe Leakes Disses Kenya Moore As A ‘Bully’ In Fight — Recap – Hollywood Life 7

The March 15 episode of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’ was a Greek tragedy of epic proportions.

Tempers erupted during the March 15 episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, leaving the ladies’ trip to Greece almost in ruins. It all started when Kenya Moore tried putting a misunderstanding with NeNe Leakes behind her. Kenya told Kandi that she did want to talk to NeNe and put their differences behind them, but it wasn’t the time nor place to do it since they were in Greece on a girls’ trip. So while she appreciated NeNe making an effort, Kenya wasn’t going to entertain a reconciliation just yet. Instead, she focused her attention on Cynthia this week.

During a drinking event in the sky — the ladies were literally suspended in the air while sipping on wine — Kenya asked Cynthia some inappropriate questions about what they were drinking. Cynthia didn’t think anything of it, but the other ladies suspected Kenya was trying to prove that Cynthia, who owns a winery, doesn’t know much about her business.

Later, an intense conversation that involved rehashing old wounds brought Porsha and NeNe to tears. Porsha told NeNe that she missed having her as her “big sister”, and NeNe apologized for being so distant after learning Gregg had cancer. They basically agreed to put the past behind them and move forward for the sake of their friendship. Porsha was so happy to be on good terms with NeNe again that she broke down in tears when they hugged.

And because of the positive outcome that came from them airing their dirty laundry, Porsha felt it was a good idea for the rest of the group to do the same. But Kenya wasn’t happy about it. Especially because Porsha and NeNe got to work out their issues privately, while Porsha was trying to get everyone else to do it in front of the rest of the group.

But it didn’t matter how Kenya felt because the other ladies went along with it. And the first issue that was mentioned was the shade Kenya threw at Cynthia. Cynthia asked Kenya whether or not she was dissing her, but Kenya denied ever doing such a thing. “I’m always going to applaud you. You’re a queen. You’re my sister, and that’s not going to change,” Kenya told Cynthia, as the rest of the ladies listened. Cynthia then agreed to squash the potential beef, but NeNe wasn’t happy about it. “Cynthia will never hold Kenya accountable. You’re letting supposedly your ‘good friend’ ruin your engagement, bash your business and all of that is… ‘friends make mistakes’. I don’t ever recall Cynthia saying friends make mistakes where I was concerned,” NeNe said during her private confessional.

Then, back at the group, NeNe said, “I don’t really understand the tip-toeing. I know that if that was me, that [Cynthia] would have gone harder.” She then continued in her confessional, “Cynthia is Kenya’s punk. Believe that.”

“Things change,” Kenya said, to which NeNe told her, “Things change because you’re a big a** bully, b****.” Kenya then asked NeNe if she wanted to fight her, and NeNe said no because Kenya “would lose.” Then, they threw hateful words at each other before NeNe stood up and started approaching Kenya. And just before the episode ended, NeNe appeared to throw something at Kenya. So like we said, this week’s episode was a definitely tragedy.

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