Nicki Minaj Gifts Gucci To Children Of ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Cast Members

Nicki Minaj Gifts Gucci To Children Of 'Real Housewives Of Potomac' Cast Members 7

Nicki Minaj hopped in her Santa Claus bag for the holidays and blessed some celebrity kiddos. To be more specific, the award-winning artist dropped dollars on Gucci gifts for the children of the ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ cast members. By Thursday evening, Gizelle Bryant, Robyn Dixon, Ashley Darby and Wendy Osefo all posted thank you notes with footage of their kids to Instagram.

Gizelle Thanks Nicki 

The first post came from Gizelle Bryant. Her three daughters received Gucci purses from Nicki. Each medium sized bag featured a different, patterned design. Gizelle mentioned being “speechless” at the high-end gesture. She revealed that this was her daughters’ first time receiving luxury purses.

“So I’ve never bought my girls high end bags because I always wanted to keep them HUMBLE. Always felt like humility and gratitude is way more important than stylin and profilin for children,” Gizelle wrote. “So for their 1st @gucci bag to be gifted by the MEGA ICON SUPERSTAR @nickiminaj for Christmas is PRICELESS! Nicki my kids are screaming thru the house. You have made their YEAR! Thank you for being so sweet, this is beyond special!!”

Robyn Thanks Nicki 

Like Gizelle, Robyn Dixon also took time to thank Nicki for her generosity. The superstar gifted Robyn’s two sons Gucci wallets with $200 inside for each.

“These are some lucky and blessed boys!!! Thank you @nickiminaj for creating a truly awesome “moment for life” for Corey and Carter,” Robyn wrote. “We love you for life Queen (and please bring back cursive instruction in the schools; I guess I gotta do it myself).”

Ashley Thanks Nicki 

Well, it seems like the RHOP ladies all received their packages at the same time. About an hour after Robyn’s thank you note, Ashley Darby shared an adorable photo of her baby boy wearing a scarf and hat.

“Thank you for our adorable matching Gucci hat and scarf, @nickiminaj,” Ashley wrote. “So kind and thoughtful of you to think about the babies this holiday season, we appreciate you! #rhop #auntienickiforthewin”

Wendy Thanks Nicki 

Unlike her castmates, Wendy wasn’t home to receive Nicki’s gifts. Nonetheless, she posted a sweet note of gratitude for Nicki to Instagram.

“Just wanted to say thank you to @nickiminaj for the sweet Christmas gifts to my kiddies,” Wendy wrote. “I’m out of the country right now, but my notifications have been blowing up! She is a queen in every sense of the word.”

Mia Calls Out Nicki & She Responds

Yet, not everybody was happy to see the thank you’s flooding social media. Mia Thornton posted a series of videos to her Instagram account addressing the lack of gifts for her children. In the post caption, Mia stated she’s “headed to the Gucci store” given that her 13-year-old has social media and can see the other kids receiving Gucci goodies.

“When it comes to the kids, I’m very sensitive because as you all know I had a very traumatic childhood,” Mia said. “Right, we all know. It’s something I’m going to forever share because if it wasn’t for my childhood I wouldn’t be who I am today. So my reactions to certain things is because of my past traumas.”

Mia also revealed that Instagram users are sending her messages saying her behavior at the reunion show hosted by Nicki Minaj is the reason her children didn’t get gifts. Well, Nicki Minaj quickly shut it down!

“Mia, I was following you on IG but then your page disappeared. I asked and no one knew for sure how to find you or what was your real page anymore,” Nicki tweeted in response.

Nicki continued saying, “I have receipts, I’ll gladly post them if you’d like me to. I don’t play like that about children. Pls send me the addy mama.”

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