Nina Dobrev Reacts To Ian Somerhalder Dating Her Friend

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Nina Dobrev slams ex Ian Somerhalder after she discovers his new romance with her former friend Nikki Reed. Subscribe! Starring Chloe …
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  1. There best couple there cute they have chemistry eversince and I thought there relationship well long last but it doesn't… ???????? I'm not happy to nikki and ian…TAKSIL????

  2. Don’t listen to this shiii listen to the actual actor herself Nina’ this is just crap.

  3. But Everyone is only going at Nina and Nikki, but to be honestly Ian has the whole fault, because HE DATED Nikki and he knew that they were friend! And i honestly don’t even like Nikki, to date ur friends ex is disgusting, and than acting like nothing happened is more disgusting.

  4. Okay this information is new to me, but WOW that's sOmE tEa . Why on earth would Nikki date her friends ex boyfriend??? Who does that. That's like freaking illegal-weelll it should be- i rejected my bffs ex bf because that's how it works.
    Nikki is a cow . How rude. If she were my friend-actually no she wouldn't be my friend

  5. Why whold she be sed that they are deting she love then both and she and ian brok up and she did not lost tham as good friends at all they are still friends????

  6. i think that nina so called close friend nikki wormed herslef in to the relationship between ian and nina and i think that ian shudnt of dated nina friend never mind marryin the tramp nikki shuda but her friends b4 any man thats my thoughts on it #nina dobrev we all love you leave the trash behind ya its been years keep the head up nina from us here in #ireland

  7. Nina had every right to be mad. And Ian and Nikki should have told her, but it’s not there fault that they fell in love. You can’t help it.

  8. Nikki and Ian somerhalder might not needed Nina's permission to date but out of decency and respect for her best friend so called she used Nina to get to Ian without her husband getting suspicious and seal that evil deal by having a baby after all she was with her husband for three years she could at least had respect for her husband she should have not never dated somerhalder and he disrespect a married man as well as his girlfriend and he isn't a decent human being Nikki Reed was waiting to break this couple up Nikki if you believe in God you are an adulterous and you are dragging Ian to hell with you we saw your sneaky butt setting in the audience waiting for something to happen between them so that you can stepped in as the problem solver as you were part of the problem but he can't see that because he was hurt and there you were the savior you real all that you do as in karma has its way of getting back to you.

  9. Ian & Nikki are just what one would call are bound relationship! It's just an arrangement between the two of them, anyone who even believe's Ian got over Nina that quick is braindead! Ian wanted to be a father very badly & when he & nina broke up it really disappointed him in the worst way possible. Anyone really in love & serious about their marriage wouldn't be promoting it all over social media & trying to convince everyone that they are so in love (that's a private thing) like he was very private about nina. Nikki just went after Ian cause he had a hit TV show & a celeb w/ thousand's of fan's & magazine cover's & looking for a way to get her dead career back on track (she hasn't done crap since Twilight) she's just uses people & not all that talented, just a D list actress!

  10. Nikki is kinda a bitch who does that to friend that is probably why Nina quit the show because of the wedding she could not bare to see her friend and her ex boyfriend get married and be happy because deep down Nina probably still had feelings with Ian ????????????????

  11. I'm thinking… Klaus and Elena ???????????????????? OH WHATEVER…THEIR PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER #KLALENA????????????????????????????????????????

  12. people can't help they way they feel about each other but they should have been up front with Nina

  13. Breaking the girl code is srlsy nt cool & tht too after double dates n all is a bit too much…!!!

  14. As I am NOT a fly on the wall of these people and nor are you so how can we judge what they do? Aside from the fact that today this is old, old news and people move on WHY must you have a story that has dated very badly. UPDATE!!!!! Unless you have been hiding under a rock for a few years Ian Somerhalder MARRIED Nikki Reed and they have a 1 year old daughter. Gossip tells outsiders that they are all friends with NO hard feelings.

  15. nikki reed and ian somerhalder don't belong together worst couple ever,ian and nina are best couple ever so nikki should gone somewhere and marry somebody else.

  16. Ian mainly did this to spite nina cause she ended the relationship! There's no love betwwen these two just sex & that's probably worn thin! It's just a use use relationship w/ Ian & nikki and will end soon!

  17. what a bad friend like hurt for nain her boyfrnd takes her goodfrnd..sooo sad everyone knows they love each othet the most….nikki is bad girl..even tough nian brokeup.. you have no right to be her girlfrnd..such a bad things to do.


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