Pete Davidson Responds To Ariana Grande & Large Sean Romance After Split Up | Hollywoodlife

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Ariana Grande might convey her ex Ricky Alvarez on tour. Moreover – Pete Davidson jokes about Ariana Grande & Significant Sean’s relationship just after the split up.
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  1. It’s just funny how if she was a guy y’all wouldn’t be saying they were a thot 🤷🏻‍♀️ I don’t know if some of y’all just jealous she can get all the dick she wants or have nothing better to do than just be bitter lmao let the pretty bitch live damn

  2. I’m not an Ariana fan, but she’s on that Crazy To Sexy scale. She’s super sexy, so she’s gotta be psycho. Pete Davidson seems like a down to earth, funny dude with a crazy side as well. You mix fire and gasoline and you have two options: you can either do something stupid and get burnt, or you can put some logs of unconditional love on the fire you two created and stay warm. Some women just don’t know how to handle a guy like Pete. My husband has Bipolar, and it takes A LOT of understanding (I know Pete has BPD, but they are sister disorders). It’s easy to fall in love with guys like them. Very easy. They are spontaneous, exciting, and keep life interesting. My husband is the funniest guy I know. But there is also a dark side that you have to learn to love unconditionally as well, in order to help them get back to the light. My guess is Pete is worth the dedication, just like my husband is.

  3. Looking at her exes, Pete and Malcolm were the only non-douchey types amongst them. The rest seem so macho misogynist arrogant types.

  4. Everyone acts like she’s only concerned with her exes. What if it’s someone she’s never been with? Maybe they never even met and it’s just a crush of hers? Damn





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