Peter’s Family Picks Hannah Ann Over Madison – Hollywood Life

Peter’s Family Picks Hannah Ann Over Madison – Hollywood Life 7

The conclusion of Peter Weber’s journey on ‘The Bachelor’ begins during part one of the finale on March 9, and his family does not go easy on him as they reveal who they want him to pick.

It’s night one of the finale on the March 9 episode of The BachelorPeter Weber has narrowed the women down to Hannah Ann Sluss and Madison Prewett, and he’s admittedly in love with both of them. Luckily, he has his family in Australia to meet the final two, so he may have some help in making his final decision. Peter fills his parents, Barbara and Peter Sr., and brother, Jack Weber, in on the recent issues he’s had in his relationship with Madison. They let Peter know that they’re concerned about Madison having such different values than him, and fear what it could mean for their possible future together.

Hannah Ann meets the parents first. She assures them that she’s in love with Peter and that the experience is “real” for her. Right off the bat, Barbara sees herself and her husband in Peter and Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann gets emotional while telling Barbara how in love she is with Peter, and admits it’s been hard for her to not be able to hear it from him in return yet. Barbara is thrilled to hear how much love Hannah Ann has for Peter, and Peter Sr. agrees that Hannah Ann and Peter seem very compatible. Despite his parents’ rave reviews, though, Peter is still conflicted, because he knows that he loves Madison, too.

After what Peter’s told his parents about Madison, there’s a lot riding on her meeting with the Webers. First, Peter and Madison talk. Madison reiterates that she’s still feeling hurt and frustrated with Peter for being intimate with the other women in the fantasy suites after she told him how it would make her feel if he did. Peter apologizes to Madison again, but he lets her know that he’s also frustrated because she gave him that ultimatum, but has yet to tell him how she feels about him. Madison admits that she’s “hanging on by a thread,” and doesn’t feel confident in the relationship at this point.

Peter fears that Madison will leave him and he begs her not to go, asking her to meet him halfway. She wants to get through this with Peter, but doesn’t know how. Madison points out that her still being there is proof that she’s willing to fight for them, and he assures her that he knows she’ll never give up on them.

Finally, Peter and Madison get through the tough conversation, and he brings her to meet the family. Madison reveals that things haven’t been easy, but assures Barbara and Peter Sr. that she loves Peter and can see forever with him. Madison also admits that there are a lot of differences between her and Peter, especially when it comes to faith, but says she’s confident that they’ll be able to grow into their differences together.

Peter’s brother flat-out asks him if he’ll be able to abstain from sex until marriage if he chooses Madison, and he insists that it’s something he’d be fine with. Peter acknowledges that his lifestyle is different than Madison’s, but says he’s willing to compromise. Jack is admittedly concerned: He thinks Hannah Ann has now flaws, while there are a lot of red flags with Madison.

Barbara brings up the difference in lifestyles to Madison, and she lets her know that she doesn’t want Peter with someone who’s going to try to change him. Madison defends her decision to let Peter know how she would feel about his intimacy in the fantasy suite, and admits that it was an “emotionally draining” day for her. By the end of the day, Peter is aware that his parents don’t see Madison the way he does, and it’s concerning to him.

After Madison leaves, Barbara breaks down in tears. She makes it clear that she thinks Hannah Ann is the right choice for Peter. “[Madison]’s not there for you,” she tells him. “You have a gem [Hannah Ann] waiting for you, who is madly head over heels in love with you, and God put her there for you.” In a confessional, she adds that she considers Hannah Ann to be an “angel on Earth,” and that she’s confident that her “mother’s intuition” isn’t wrong.

Peter’s parents simply don’t understand why he’s having such a tough time when it seems like the perfect girl (Hannah Ann) is right in front of him. He gets frustrated with his family, which leads Barbara to get emotional again. Finally, we see who she’s talking about in her “don’t let her go, bring her home to us” speech — it’s Hannah Ann. “We will welcome her with open arms,” Barbara says. “We will love her with all the love in the world. She’s a dream come true.” Peter begs his family to stop putting him in this position because it’s “destroying” him. Barbara assures Peter that she trusts him, and they part ways. At that point, Peter reveals that he wants Madison more than Hannah Ann, despite what his parents think.

Next, Peter has his final date with Madison. Things start off great, as they take a romantic helicopter ride together, but Madison is unable to be present in the moment…because she knows it’s not meant to be between her and Peter. “I just realized…it’s kind of time to surrender,” she says in a confessional. During a tear-filled conversation, she breaks up with Peter, and leaves the show.

Peter is understandably “emotionally drained”, and doesn’t know where to go from here — he’s mourning his breakup from Madison, but also still loves Hannah Ann. He manages to push his sadness aside to go on his last date with Hannah Ann and see if he’s ready to move past everything that happened to get to a place where he can have a future with Hannah Ann. He thanks Hannah Ann for being consistent throughout their entire journey, and always letting him know how she feels.

However, Hannah Ann can tell that something is off with Peter. She wants to know that Peter is as committed as she is. “I wouldn’t ever want you to do something out of any other reason than truly just choosing me — me for who I am,” Hannah Ann tells Peter. Peter admits that he’s never questioned Hannah Ann’s feelings for him, but tells her that his heart is being pulled in two different directions, which she admits is hard to hear.

“It hurts when I’m so sure and you’re not” Hannah Ann explains. “That’s what hurts to hear. I’ve given and given and given, and I just want something in return. It’s getting to the point where it’s hard being so certain and sure of someone and not getting that in return. You seem not completely there like I am.” Hannah Ann is brought to tears, but vows not to let the conversation change how she feels about Peter. We’ll see what happens between them on part two of the finale, which airs March 10 at 8:00 p.m. on ABC!

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