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Playoffs Recap – Hollywood Life 7

The Group B performances continued on the Feb. 26 episode of ‘The Masked Singer’ and it’s time for the playoffs. At the end of the night, a 6-time Grammy-winning singer was unmasked!

Group B is now down to the Banana, Taco, Mouse, Frog, and the Kitty. The masked celebrities are hitting the stage for the Group B playoffs during the Feb. 26 episode of The Masked Singer. At the end of the night, one celebrity will be unmasked. Joining the celebrity panelists for the night is comedian Gabriel Iglesias.

The first masked singer to perform is the Banana. His clue video gives another hint about his country roots with his cowboy boots. The Banana performs the Billy Ray Cyrus classic “Achy Breaky Heart.” To give the panelists and the fans an extra clue about the identities of the masked singers, they have to reveal their favorite subject in school. The Banana reveals that his favorite subject was art. “It has gotten me through the toughest times of my life,” the Banana says, and he’s had “quite a few.” The guesses for the Banana include Larry the Cable Guy, Ed Helms, and Billy Bob Thornton.

The Mouse is up next. She reveals that the “stage is like my second home” and features a photo of praying hands. She also says that she’s the “hostess with the mostest.” The Mouse performs “This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)” by Natalie Cole. The guesses for the Mouse include Tina Turner, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Dionne Warwick. Robin Thicke believes the gold clues in the clue packages are hints that the Mouse is Dionne.

The Frog hits the stage and blows everyone away. His clue package features more Prince references, a basketball, and toy soldiers. He mixes it up with his version of 50 Cent’s “In Da Club.”

The masked singer going home this week is the Mouse. After the panelists reveal their final guesses, the Mouse takes off her mask. The Mouse is none other than Grammy Award-winning singer Dionne Warwick!

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