Police: Man beats daughters boyfriend for beating her

What happens when a father learns his daughter has been beaten by a boyfriend, and the violent act took place right in front of her kids? This father allegedly decided to take things into his own hands upon learning that his daughters boyfriend actually beat her, and yes, the incident occurred right in front of her kids.

Apparently the father took his baseball bat and knocked the boyfriend over the head with it.

Cops arrived and the boyfriend actually started accusing Morris, the father, of beating the woman. But the crowd which had gathered had a different story to tell officers. They stated that in fact it was the boyfriend, named Courtney Grace, who had beaten the woman. Meanwhile the girlfriend was in the bed of a truck, sitting down with a swollen and bloody face.

The rage of the father seeing his daughter beaten like that caused him to hit the 31-year-old boyfriend so hard that the bat ended up splitting in half.

Instant justice delivered.

The father, Morris, who is 59, was released from the Palm Beach County Jail, under supervision. Meanwhile, the woman abusing boyfriend, Grace, is still in jail with a $15,000 bail and is facing charges of child neglect and battery over the incident.

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