Pretty Little Liars Finale Reveals "A" And Fans Are Furious

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Pretty Little Liars finale reveals the identity of “A” and fans are pissed that it was a big let down. Starring Chloe Melas Subscribe! …
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  1. I love that it is cece because she was always up to no good and plus I'm glad it is none of the guys or girls I like but I'm kinda disappointed I actually wanted it to be Jenna but she is not obviously and I really really wanted it to be Mona

  2. season of aswers ? are you kiddi g mr it's more like season of bullshit to me please let this be like dallas when everything turns out to be a dream and make wren A bcs i need more of my bae

  3. Ok first of all I knew Sara was bad no one listens to me, secondly I'm so confused on the whole cece Drake thing who is she / him also um obvious? Cece is obvi Ali's sister I mean look at them and compare each other I feel like all my Tuesday's are gone now

  4. i actually wasnt really mad about it i think the ending was pretty shocking cause in the past 2 seasons no one had talked about cece drake and i really didnt mind the ending of course everyone already knew it was obviously charles but no one had seen his face it all adds up exspecialy that episode were aria saw a girl in a black sweater

  5. I feel either way everyone was not going to be happy I personally think it was a good episode and come on everyone who watched Gossip Girl had to know that A was going to have a huge twist I would never had guessed that Ce Ce was Charles do thin there is more to the story.

  6. who is Mr. Rollins and Who is he who is coming back for allison in the 5 year flash forward, who actually killed Mrs D?  i thought thw "game was over? who would wanna be after the girls again. and the whole plot about why A "Cece" "Charles" did what he/she did to the girls i don't quite get it .your sister was a mean person in high school , her friends were kinda glad shes gone and you seek revenge . why was sara even there. so mona killed bethany when she thought she killed ALLY , but cece killed ally by mistake thinking it was bethany to get back at bethany for putting her in the mental institution



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