Princess Diana’s Former Butler Says To Leave Meghan Markle Alone – Hollywood Life

Princess Diana’s Former Butler Says To Leave Meghan Markle Alone – Hollywood Life 7
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Princess Diana’s former butler Paul Burrell is not happy with the press and public’s bullying of the Duchess of Sussex.

As Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and baby Archie prepare to travel to the US for Thanksgiving before taking a much-needed 6-week break, Princess Diana‘s former butler is publicly defending the new parents after Meghan has been the victim of intense criticism by the press and public. “Meghan’s story runs parallel to Princess Diana’s story. As I watched the documentary on British television, I saw history repeating itself,” Paul Burrell, who served as Lady Di’s right-hand-man up until her death in ’97, told in a podcast interview. “I saw two vulnerable people hurt. I kept thinking to myself, ‘Surely we’ve learned the lessons from the past. Surely the media aren’t going to wade in on Meghan the way they did on Diana.’ That, of course, is Harry’s fear.”

Paul’s comments come after Meghan held back tears during a recent interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby during the royal couple’s South African tour following months of public scrutiny, namely from ruthless British tabloids. When asked how she was doing, Meghan replied, “Thank you for asking. Not many people have asked if I’m OK, but it’s a very real thing to be going through behind the scenes,” she said, before saying that she “isn’t really OK.” In her response and demeanor, Paul found many similarities in what he saw with Diana. “Diana was constantly hounded. She was chased down Bond Street, and the media were taking pictures and hurling abuse at her at the same time to get a reaction, and I saw, in Meghan, a vulnerability and a wounded woman who had had a taste of that,” Paul said. “She’s only been in the Royal Family for a year. She’s become a royal, a mother and a wife within one year. That’s a lot to ask.”

He continued, “They are two human beings who fell in love. Let’s not forget that they are a young couple with a young family struggling to find a role in the world much the same as young couples that are out there. Let’s give them some space, some oxygen so that they can breathe and they can live and enjoy these magical years of their marriage and bringing up their family.” In response to the media’s attacks again Meghan, Prince Harry has taken legal action against two outlets who he has accused of hacking his phone and stealing voice messages. Additionally, Meghan has filed a claim against the Mail on Sunday and its parent company Associated Newspapers, alleging “the intrusive and unlawful publication of a private letter” written by the Duchess of Sussex to her estranged father ahead of her wedding.

As Paul mentioned, Harry’s greatest fear is that what happened to his mother — who died in a fatal car accident while be chased by paparazzi — will happen to his new wife. “Harry’s heart broke. Well, both boys’ hearts broke, but Harry was so much younger. It really shaped the rest of his life and affected him. He’s talked about it, about mental health, and he’s talked about how his mother’s passing affected him,” the author of The Way We Were: Remembering Diana said.

Paul also spoke about the Smithsonian Channel documentary he is a commentator on titled Princess Diana’s ‘Wicked Stepmother’ which premieres on October 28th at 8 PM ET. The royal expert revealed that despite Diana and her step-mother Raine Spencer’s tumultuous relationship, Raine actually ended up becoming one of her strongest allies after her marriage to Prince Charles fell apart. “Diana gave Raine a lifeline back into the royal world, into that world of glitterati, and also gave her the chance to meet Mohammed Al-Fayed and become a director of Harrods,” Paul revealed on the podcast. Click here to listen to the full interview!

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