Rappers ‘Fight’ Over Top Female Rap Song – HollywoodLife

Rappers ‘Fight’ Over Top Female Rap Song – HollywoodLife 7
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Lizzo’s about to snatch the ‘longest No. 1 female rap song’ crown from Iggy Azalea, and she seemingly dissed the ‘Fancy’ singer in the process. Iggy appeared to shade Lizzo back, but are these two really beefing?

Lizzo just took a DNA test. Turns out, she’s 100% that woman who’s about to hold the record for the longest female rap song at the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100. “Truth Hurts” hit the top spot for a fifth week in a row on Sept. 30, and if she “keep(s) it up” for two weeks, it’ll dethrone Iggy Azalea’s collab with Charli XCX, “Fancy.” With the crown within her grasp, Lizzo encouraged her fans to blast her song while also giving love to the reigning champ…in a way that seemingly shaded Iggy. “*Fancy is a BOP, and my homie @charli_xcx is genius on it (STREAM CHARLI- HER NEW ALBUM NOW),” Lizzo tweeted, failing to credit Iggy for, y’know, being on her own hit.

“I could have SWORN I was the one rapping [on] that song but okay…” Iggy said in a now-deleted tweet, per OhNoYouDidn’t. From there, she started to encourage fans to stream the No. 2 song in the country, Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s “Senorita.” She even changed her Twitter name to “IGGY AZALEA stream senorita.” But, before fans could go crazy and start calling Iggy and Lizzo the Tupac and Biggie 2019, Iggy shut that “feud” talk down. “Listen I’m down to be petty in the name of a laugh or two, but in all seriousness, I’m just trolling and laughing at all the funny replies. I promise it’s not serious; at least not for me. “

“Listen. This app is clearly for crackheads, so stop expecting better from me,” she tweeted. Later, when a fan said she was going to “get [herself] canceled” again, Iggy shrugged. “What. Y’all never uncanceled me. This is an empty threat.” She also addressed the real matter at hand: “Now that I have your attention I’d like to share with the group: I gained 6lbs in the studio last week, and I’m SURE it was cheese related; Because I haven’t had any since and I lost it all by Monday afternoon. Crisis averted.”

“Y’all! Come on now. I’m joking and having fun. And you should too,” she said when calling out a publication for making this “feud” seem legit. “Haha! Yes! But for real, congrats to Lizzo. I love seeing so many different styles of rap thriving & records are made to be broken!” Later, Iggy washed her hands of this fake-fight. “Alright f*ck y’all for ruining my nice [Twitter] page I had kept SO neat for so long and now it’s in flames and looks like a pile of vomit. Is this what the inside of my brain looks like? Ugh, I hate the real me! I’m going back to fake me tomorrow.”

So, Iggy isn’t beefing with Lizzo and is actually supporting another female’s success in the industry? That should disappoint the haters. “Truth hurts,” right?

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