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We’re finally in the second half of Vanderpump Rules season 10 and that means we’re so much closer to the reveal of Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss‘ shocking affair. But before we even knew about that, everyone thought Raquel was into Tom Schwartz and that’s because she spent most of the season flirting with him. For example, in this week’s episode, Raquel and Schwartz escaped into a Schwartz & Sandy’s bathroom together, leading Scheana Shay and Brock Davies to suspect a romance was brewing. Unbeknownst to them, however, the romance just wasn’t with that Tom. But before we get to that, let’s break down the March 29 episode in full.

The episode started with a focus on James Kennedy‘s drinking habits. At home, James sat down with his dad, who said it’s a “right of passage” to binge drink, so he fully supports James giving up on his sobriety journey. He also told James that he never liked Raquel and didn’t see them getting married. But he’s a huge fan of James’ new girlfriend, Ally Lewber, so he’d fully support them tying the knot, which is probably why James joked about proposing to her in Mexico. Yes, really.

Anyway, Sandoval and Schwartz later joined their business partner, Greg, for a tasting of some menu items at Schwartz & Sandy’s, and Katie Maloney was there, too. Schwartz claimed he apologized to Katie for not defending her at Sandoval’s pool party, so he must have felt like inviting her to the menu tasting was a way of extending an olive branch. They even planned to have a dinner date in Mexico during Scheana’s wedding to celebrate the sale of their house.

Later in the episode, Lisa Vanderpump and Ariana Madix planned a surprise bridal shower for Scheana at Villa Rosa. The guys were also invited, which means James was there, and he wasted no time grabbing a pumptini. He also got a bit loud about “putting babies in” Ally, which Lala and Lisa weren’t thrilled with. Lala told James that he sounds like a 16-year-old when he speaks and needs to mature a little bit before bringing a baby into the world.

James also didn’t love that Raquel was at the party, and he especially didn’t love seeing her and Schwartz flirt just a few feet away from him. Schwartz was telling Raquel how he has a tattoo on his butt and he’d love to show it to her when they get to Cancun. Raquel seemed excited, but now that we know she and Sandoval had already hooked up after guys night, was this all an act?

Raquel Leviss & Tom Schwartz Caught Flirting – Hollywood Life 9
Raquel Leviss and Tom Schwartz (Bravo)

Schwartz and Sandoval later invited everyone to Schwartz & Sandy’s for an after-party, and everyone went. It was there that James asked Scheana and Brock if Ally could come to the wedding and they said it would probably be fine. They just had to rearrange the seating chart to accommodate her. We just hope James doesn’t truly take advantage and propose to Ally, as he joked about with his dad earlier in the episode.

Anyway, while at the bar, Schwartz told Raquel about a cool feature in the restaurant outside of the bathrooms. Raquel asked him to show her and then they ended up in the men’s bathroom together. She claimed she just had to pee, so Schwartz waited outside and blocked the door for her, but Scheana and Brock saw them go into the bathroom together and suspected that they might have kissed while they were in there together.

When the group finally traveled to Cancun to celebrate Brock and Scheana, Katie found herself exiled to the other side of the resort. Scheana made that change behind her back after Katie refused to give up her room for a bridesmaid who couldn’t get access to the resort.

Then, just before Scheana and Brock’s welcome dinner, James also got into an altercation that left Ariana fuming. Apparently one of Brock’s friends tried hugging James, and James shoved him. Ariana couldn’t believe that James would treat one of Scheana’s wedding guests like that, but James basically said it wasn’t a big deal and the guy shouldn’t have tried to hug him. James kept trying to defend his actions, which drove Arian to the point of snapping at him. Ally felt so uncomfortable that she left the dinner and headed back to the hotel room she and James were sharing.

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