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There are only 6 recruits remaining on Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test, and the tasks are only getting harder. Carli Lloyd has failed more tasks than she’s passed so far, so she’s in dire need of a win. Ahead of the next task, the chief medical officer advises that Hannah Brown not take part in the task because of her asthma.

The Directing Staff listens to the chief medical officer. They’ll test her in another way. The 5 recruits who can take part must endure chemical warfare, and this drill is something all soldiers must face. They have to retrieve a medical bag from inside a container filled with poisonous tear gas.

Mike Piazza
Mike Piazza during the chemical warfare test. (FOX)

Dwight Howard is first. He puts on his gear and successfully passes this task. Mike Piazza goes after Dwight. During the drill, Mike tries to go through a blocked door unsuccessfully. He falls to the ground. He’s able to get out, but he dropped the medical bag. He fails the test.

Danny Amendola and Gus Kenworthy both pass. Gus says the tear gas was more “painful” than broken bones. Carli is the last to go. She also forgets the medical bag, so she fails this task as well. Now it’s time for Hannah to suffer. She has to get completely wet and sanded. For 2 hours, she has to endure hard labor in 105-degree heat.

After the chemical warfare task, the DS assess the recruits. They wonder if Carli really wants to be here. They call her into interrogation to have a talk. She sticks with Special Forces. She’s determined to get a win.

The next day, the recruits have to face their most confronting combat exercise of the season. The exercise is called milling, and it’s all about pure, raw, warrior spirit. The recruits have to fight each other.

Dwight and Danny face off first. Punches are thrown all around. It gets really physical, with Danny’s helmet flying off during the fight. Danny is ultimately declared the winner. Carli is able to overpower Hannah in the fight and win a task. Gus beats an already weakened Mike.

After the latest task, Mike admits that this is the first time he’s “thought about quitting.” The DS take notice that Carli has done better, but now they’re concerned about Mike. They bring him in, and he fully admits that he’s starting to feel “discouraged.”

When the recruits are called, Mike shows up without his armband. The other recruits have to do push-ups while watches. He apologizes to the recruits, and he’s starting to be really hard on himself. The thoughts about leaving continue to creep in

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