RHOC’s Kara Keough Welcomes Baby a Year After Son’s Death

RHOC's Kara Keough Welcomes Baby a Year After Son's Death 7
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For the past year, Kara has shared periodic tributes to McCoy, who died days after he was born full-term due to complications endured during his birth. On Tuesday, April 6, she honored him on what would have been his first birthday.

“A year ago today, I screamed you into this world,” she wrote in an Instagram post, alongside a photo of then then-newborn swaddled in a bassinet. “I begged God to let me hear you scream back. Instead, there was silence from you before the ‘Come on, McCoy’ chants started, shattering my heart and completely deflating the euphoria that comes after birth.”

She continued, “I’ll love you for all the days of my life, and loving you the way that I do makes me feel like I know God. So I guess it’s true what they say, that grief is next to holiness. Thank you for teaching me how to love unconditionally. And that grief and love can sit beautifully right beside each other. And finally, thank you for showing me that even though losing you feels dark – it’s also true that with depth comes darkness, like the ocean. And just like the depths of the ocean, my love for you – the love of a parent for their child – it just keeps going. So yeah, it may be a little dark down here…. but it’s deep, too.”

“I love you, McCoy,” she wrote. “From my deepest to the Highest. From earth to the heavens and back. We miss you something wonderful. Happy 1st Birthday, Baby.”

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