Ricky Martin Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against His Nephew Following Sexual Abuse Allegations (Update)

Ricky Martin Files $20 Million Lawsuit Against His Nephew Following Sexual Abuse Allegations (Update) 7

Back in July, Latin star Ricky Martin faced sexual abuse allegations from his own nephew, after it was alleged the two had a sexual relationship. In the end, Ricky won the case against his nephew, after the restraining order that was filed had been withdrawn. Now Ricky has filed a $20 million lawsuit against his nephew following the allegations.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, Ricky filed the lawsuit against his nephew Dennis Yadiel Sanchez Martin on Wednesday in San Juan after he says his nephew is trying to “assassinate” his reputation. Ricky claims that after the restraining order had been withdrawn, Dennis began to message him on Instagram threatening to “assassinate his reputation and integrity” unless he handed over some money.

Ricky claims that prior to the restraining order, Dennis bragged about being his nephew and he used to flood him with several messages for four months. Ricky claims that it was obvious the messages were made by a “maladjusted individual.” Things reportedly continued to turn for the worse, as Ricky claims Dennis posted his phone number to social media and even created an Instagram account for one of his children.

Ricky says he has lost a lot due to the false allegations made by Dennis, and now he wants at least $20 million to make up for what he has lost. He continued to share that Dennis has made him and his family feel “unsafe” in Puerto Rico, and he is asking a judge to declare that Dennis withholds from contacting him and his family.

As previously reported, back in July, Dennis dropped charges against Ricky after accusing him of sexual abuse and harassment, and withdrew the restraining order he filed against the singer.




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