Rihanna & Seth Meyers Go Day Drinking ‘Late Night’ & It’s Amazing – Hollywood Life

Rihanna & Seth Meyers Go Day Drinking ‘Late Night’ & It’s Amazing – Hollywood Life 7
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Who WOULDN’T want to go drinking with Rihanna? The singer knocked back a cold one with Seth Meyers on ‘Late Night,’ which soon turned to multiple shots, a drunk makeover and one alarming question.

At this point, it’s an established fact that Rihanna, 31, is the coolest person ever, right? She proved this again on the June 20 episode of Late Night With Seth Meyers. The “Work” singer, who is in New York City to help launch her Fenty Pop-Up Store, decided to grab a drink with Seth Meyers, 45. And then they had another. And another — at one point, they drank champagne with a Twinkie (“Love In A Hostess Place”) and out of chocolate bunnies (“B*tch Better Have My Bunny”)  — yeah, RiRi was just as confused.

Once Rihanna and Seth were properly boozed up, the drinking games commenced — a Q&A led Rihanna to ask the late night host, “If I quit music, what should I do?” We hope that wasn’t a serious inquiry, because her ninth studio album has yet to drop on our playlists! When Seth asked Rihanna for tips on how to “blow his wife away,” Rihanna replied, “You said it — Blow your wife.” And, checkmate. The drinking buddies then tried out their pick-up lines on one another — “Are you the girl from Battleship?” — before the segment concluded with a Fenty Beauty makeover and a very drunk Seth singing “Work.”

“I’m fully in love with Rihanna. My wife is fine with it because she’s also in love with Rihanna. It’s the thing we have in common,” Seth told Jimmy Fallon recently, according to Billboard. Seth has been outspoken about this crush, so that would explain the chemistry between these two. Though, Seth can get in line behind Drake, Chris Brown, and about 500 million other people who have crushes on Rihanna.

Viewers got a preview of this day-drinking session courtesy of Late Night producer Mike Shoemaker. A day before the segment aired, he tweeted a picture of a laughing Seth sitting next to Rihanna, who was taking a sip from a full pint glass. “Right now, we are shooting [Seth] and [Rihanna] day drinking,” Mike said. “Yes RIHANNA. It airs Thursday night on [Late Night] and they are druuuunk.” Hey, who wouldn’t want to get day-drunk with Rihanna on a Wednesday? No one, especially considering how gorgeous Rihanna looked in the preview. Rihanna was dressed in a strapless, green-black plaid jumpsuit that only someone like Ri could pull off.

The segment also gave fans a chance to get a closer look at the hair makeover she debuted at the Fenty Pop-Up Store party on June 18. While rocking a hot pink dress, Rihanna arrived with her hair in red box braids. Rihanna has rocked nearly every hair color under the sun, but this red makeover really popped. It was a highlight of the night that saw Rihanna launch her fashion line’s first pop-up in the United States. The store, which is found on the first two floors of The Webster within NYC’s SoHo neighborhood, is the result of Fenty’s partnership with LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy). That would explain why Rihanna arrived dressed like a fashion mogul — because she is one!

Said outfit was a Fenty Fuchsia Drawstring Satin Mini Dress, and she accessorized it with a Medea Short White Purse, matching strappy heels, David Webb earrings, rings, and a dazzling cuff. However, don’t get it twisted. Rihanna might be making all the money, but she’s not too bougie to grab a beer in the middle of the day.

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