Romeo Miller Addresses His Current Relationship With Angela Simmons In Lengthy Instagram Post—“We Haven’t Been Close In Years”

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Whew chile, Romeo Miller just clapped back at Angela Simmons in the classiest way possible. If you’ve been following the pair’s relationship on “Growing Up Hip Hop,” then you’re probably familiar with the rollercoaster, back and forth they have been engaged in throughout the years. Well, after the most recent episode where he was questioned by Angela about his loyalty—he decided to clear things up with an Instagram post.

Viewers of “GUHH” have definitely noticed the increasing tension and awkward vibes between cast members Angela Simmons and Romeo Miller—well thankfully, we have just found out why. On the current season of the show, Angela has repeatedly been accusing Romeo of ignoring her, which reportedly started after Angela’s ex-fiancé and baby daddy Sutton Tennyson was murdered back in November 2018. Angela claimed that Romeo promised he would be there to support her after such as devastating loss, but that hasn’t been the case so far.

So, on the most recent episode Angela showed up to Romeo’s party uninvited to ask why he’s been so distant. Well, after the episode aired, Romeo posted a very lengthy explanation regarding the current status of their relationship.

His partial message read:

“I’m not one to entertain gossip but it sucks when people play with my faith. So I’ma leave this here one time. Faith isn’t about being perfect (or judgment) but more so about showing / spreading your light in hopes to help others. Without saying too much, Yes I get things were edited a certain way, but simply read between the lines. Shoutout to the fan who posted this clip, because I’ve been nothing but respectful and although we do have our differences, I will never unfriend someone over what they post on social media.”

“The context of me and V [Vanessa] convo was more so about every ACTION having a REACTION and being able to live with that. That’s life. We all have free will and we all are constantly changing. As far as Me and Ang (just like others in my life), we haven’t been close in years, and I refuse to live a lie on tv. The silver lining, the thing I like about this show @guhh_wetv is that the viewer can learn so many life gems without having to go through it.”

As of right now, Angela has not publicly responded to Romeo’s post.


Roommates, what are your thoughts on this?

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