Ronnie & Jen Fight Before The Situation’s Wedding On ‘Jersey Shore’ – Hollywood Life

Ronnie & Jen Fight Before The Situation’s Wedding On ‘Jersey Shore’ – Hollywood Life 7
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Ronnie Ortiz-Magro and Jen Harley get into another social media fight just DAYS before The Situation’s wedding on the Aug. 1 episode of ‘Jersey Shore’ — and the roommates are OVER it!

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino and Lauren Pesce are in full-on wedding planning mode during the Aug. 1 episode of Jersey Shore, but of course, it’s not without some drama! Earlier this season, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro showed up to Mike’s court hearing with a black eye, which he claimed he got after getting jumped by a random guy in Secaucus, New Jersey. However, he changes his story in this week’s episode, and takes to Instagram to accuse his on/off girlfriend, Jen Harley, of causing the injury.

“Once you see Ron do a post, you gotta look, because you know that s***’s gonna be crazy,” Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi says. “This Ron drama is some serious s***. He said he got beat up in Secaucus, but the other day, Ron did another Ronpage on Instagram. He showed his face when he got beat up and basically said…Jen did this, I’m sorry to my friends and family who I hurt. We can’t trust Ron.” Snooki and the rest of the girls, Jenni “JWoww” Farley, Deena Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick, meet up to discuss the situation, and are baffled that Ron went so far with his lie when he told them his initial story.

“He said Jen was talking to the detectives all day, so I believed him for a minute!” Angelina says. “He really went into this story.” Deena even goes as far as calling him a “pathological liar,” and JWoww refers to him as a “f***ing mess.”

Meanwhile, The Situation and Lauren are also discussing the drama at their home, and are worried about how it will affect their wedding, which is just days away. “I don’t even know if he’s gonna be able to come to the wedding,” Mike admits. “I texted him the rehearsal dates and the dinner. He didn’t answer.” The girls are also concerned that Ron will be a no-show. “He’s not coming because he thinks other people are going to make HER look bad,” Deena explains. “Mike texted him and was like…dude, are you coming? And he’s like, no, I’m not coming, because Jen’s not coming to the wedding and they’re just going to make fun of her.”

At that point, JWoww pulls up a picture of Ronnie on her phone, which shows his injuries. “I don’t think he can actually show up because I think he’s missing teeth,” she reveals. “A lot of people are speculating that, in the videos, he doesn’t have his front teeth. Everybody has a choice — Mike had a choice to get sober and clean. Ron has a choice, too.”

Everyone agrees that the situation is “messed up,” and Snooki adds in her confessional, “He needs to be there for Mike. But I also don’t want him there if he’s still in this mindset of ‘Ronpage.’ I blame it all on Jen because of whatever she’s doing to him. If anything bad is going on with Ron, it’s usually because of Jen.”

Snooki is the most upset over the situation, as she and Ron used to be super close. “Don’t see the good in it — because there’s nothing good,” she says. “Don’t feel bad for him. We’re all over it. I don’t even know who he is. We used to be very close, but when he started turning into this f***ing a**hole, I want nothing to do with him. We’ve been reaching out to him for two years now and it’s the same cycle. We’re f***ing over it.”

Meanwhile, The Situation lets Lauren know that he “has faith” that Ron will pull through and show up. “I hope he’s okay, but when it comes to my wedding…it’s separate,” Lauren replies. “So if he doesn’t show up, it’s not going to make me feel any which way. It’s not my clan, it’s your clan!” Mike can tell she’s getting frustrated over the situation, and admits in his confessional, “Lauren deserves to have the best day on her wedding day, and I’m going to have to make the decision whether to exclude [Ron] or not.”

Ronnie continues to disappoint the group by skipping a dance rehearsal with the rest of the guys, and everyone is clearly getting fed up. Finally, Ronnie does show up to the wedding rehearsal and dinner…albeit several minutes late. “It’s been a crazy couple of days and the way s***t’s been happening lately, I don’t feel like I want to be here,” he admits. “But this is very important for Mike and I don’t want to mess it up for him.”

Everything is awkward at first, with Ron trying to convince the rest of the crew that he’s “fine,” but no one believes it. Finally, Ronnie brings up how he’s feeling during a dance rehearsal with Pauly D and Vinny Guadagnino. “I’ve been talking less and I’ve been less outgoing because I personally feel like I’ve been the butt of the jokes of everybody,” he explains. “It’s still my real life and I’m at a point where I’m the only one really being myself. That s*** bothers me a lot. If me being myself is going to become a joke, then I don’t want to my myself and I feel like I can’t turn to you guys and be open, so I have to make up lies and say certain things because I feel like I’m not connecting to you guys.”

Pauly and Vinny are completely flabbergasted at the excuses Ronnie’s making, and Pauly eventually explodes on him when Ronnie accuses the group of not being ‘genuine.’ “You got unched in the face, you got dragged by the car, now your teeth are f***ed up,” he rants. “Every single time you get a new physical injury. How much more can you take? Your physically getting your ass kicked. Regardless of who, what, where, when and why…LEAVE THIS GIRL! That’s it!”

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