Saweetie Criticized For Implying ‘Misogynistic Behavior’ Within Rap Is A New Phenomenon

Saweetie Criticized For Implying 'Misogynistic Behavior' Within Rap Is A New Phenomenon 7

After Saweetie tried to make a point about the rap game, Twitter slammed her with accusations of acting brand new.

It all unfolded on Tuesday night when Saweetie expressed some thoughts she had about “hip hop culture” on the platform.

“Is misogynistic behavior normal for HIP HOP culture now?” she inquired. “Guess so.”

Twitter Accuses Saweetie Of Being Unversed In Hip Hop History

Once Saweetie penned this tweet, the internet had a field day calling her out.

The bulk of the backlash was centered around her including the word “now,” which suggests that misogyny in rap hasn’t already been around for decades.

The replies and quote tweets were memes galore as people threw shade at Saweetie.

Others attempted to call Saweetie out and acknowledge that she’s sampled tracks—like “Blow The Whistle” by Too $hort— that could be seen as misogynistic.

Some even accused her of only engaging in the conversation to gain traction for her new project, THE SINGLE LIFE.

The backlash included individuals saying that Saweetie herself contributes to and benefits from the matter.

We should note that Joan Morgan, the OG “hip hop feminist” who wrote When Chicken Heads Come Home to Roost, was also brought up.

All in all, though, people’s annoyed reactions dominated the conversation.

Was Saweetie Responding To Joe Budden?

While Saweetie hasn’t further spoken on her tweet, we should add that it came a few hours after she seemingly called Joe Budden out on Twitter.

It started when a clip surfaced of Joe bashing Saweetie on the heels of her EP release.

“I’m not listening to Saweetie until she answers the question everybody waiting for the answer: Did you f**k Offset or not?” Joe declared. “It ain’t the time for your freestyle…Push it back. You been quiet. No need to come shake the table now. And did you f**k dude or not? If you gon’ tell it, then tell it.”

Eventually, she addressed his comments on Twitter.

“Saweetie needs to STFU????? ok joelisha.”

Saweetie Speaks On “Violence & Disrespect In Male Music”

Moving on from her Twitter situation, we should also add that Saweetie further commented on the rap game during a new episode of The Bootleg Kev Podcast.

She specifically shared her belief that, due to some of the messages within “male music,” female rappers are taking over.

“L.A. and other cities, it just goes to show that this is the reason why women is running rap and hip hop. Because there’s just so much violence and disrespect in the male music…

I feel like we gotta raise the vibration with the music and get back to having a good time.”

She went on to add that there’s a lack of “empathy and love” in a lot of modern rap songs.

What do you think about Saweetie’s commentary, and do you agree with the backlash she garnered?

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