Saweetie Reacts Amid Blame For Incident At Chicago Festival 

Saweetie Reacts Amid Blame For Incident At Chicago Festival  7

Saweetie has addressed online critics who seemingly blamed her for a stampede incident in Chicago on Sunday (June 23). The ‘Icy Girl’ was in the midwestern city for a performance at the Vegandale Festival.

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Here’s What Happened At Vegandale Festival

As mentioned, Saweetie was booked for a set at the concert that also featured artists like 2 Chainz, NLE Choppa, and Jadakiss. However, shortly after taking the stage, the ‘NaNi’ rapper seemed to notice a lil’ off-putting scene in the crowd.

At this time, recollections from festival attendees online vary. Some have alleged that a fight had broken out, while others claim it was a rowdy crowd that might’ve looked like they were popping off but weren’t.

Either way, Saweetie’s reaction to the scene was to ask the DJ to cut the music and verbally check the crowd’s temperature. In a now-viral clip, she’s heard saying, “Hold on, stop it. I know y’all ain’t doing what I think y’all doing. Is everybody safe?”

But before she could finish that last question, a couple of people started running away from the mosh pit area, and the fear of danger quickly spread, leading to a stampede. At this time, no injuries have been reported.

Aftermath clips show barricades pushed over on the ground and the grassy area near the stage covered in trash.

Watch the trending clips below.

Saweetie Goes IN On Critics Of The Incident

After 2 Chainz wrapped his performance, Saweetie returned to finish her set.

Later that night, on X (formerly Twitter), she spoke about how the crowd appeared to her. “Hope everyone got home safe tonight [sad face emoticon] that crowd looked crazy,” she wrote.

But one user wasn’t here for the rapper’s well wishes and instead criticized the Icy Girl, calling her an unwelcome “clown.”

“Talking about the crowd looked crazy lol it was a FESTIVAL! Straight [clown emoticon] don’t bring your a** back to Chicago, you’ve done enough…it was babies out there getting trampled on for NOTHING, then gone come back tb ‘Imma tell y’all what my tp is’ we dgaf at this point…,” @itsmyworld_ndd wrote.

The Shade Room cannot confirm or verify any reports that “babies” were “trampled” in the incident. Note that festival organizers have not addressed the incident on their social platforms. However, the rest of the performances, including Saweetie’s, occurred without further incidents.

Saweetie didn’t let @itsmyworld_ndd get the last word, though. She clapped back, returning the insult, and again, explained her point of view.

“Well…the crowd did look crazy, which is why I hope everyone got home safe. Also, I could’ve went home after the fight broke out but I STAYED, waited and after 2 Chainz performed I went BACK ON STAGE to finish my set bc I CARE…u clearly don’t like me so why stay for the rest of my set when the FESTIVAL was clearly over? [clown emoticon]”

Ultimately, the West Coast artist also slammed the blog My Mixtapez on X for its account of the incident. The outlet posted the viral clip of the minor stampede, captioning it, “Fans in Chicago take off running after Saweetie started performing on stage [side eyes emoticon].” 

“This was a serious matter but y’all are too obsessed with creating this negative propaganda toward me,” she replied.

Swipe below to see the interactions described above and additional reactions to how Saweetie handled the incident.

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